Tina 'Sparky' Stark

Iron Girl


Tina ‘Sparky’ Stark
Alias: Iron Girl
Age: 16
Profession: Student at Gotham High
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 98lbs
Height: 5’2"
Alignment: Unprincipled
Birthplace: Japan
Mother: Pepper Potts
Father: Anthony Stark
Archetype: Natural Genius
Disposition: Lone Wolf/Glory Hog
XP: 16070
Level: 4

HP: 39
SDC: 80

IQ: 36
ME: 13
MA: 14
PS: 19
PP: 34
PE: 19
PB: 29
SPD: 35

+18% to Skills
+8 to strike, dodge, and parry, +1 Initiative
90% charm/impress

Natural/Genius Powers
PPE: 2
Electrical Genius
+15 to electrical skills, half penalty for unknown/alien
Exceptional Physical Prowess
+4 PP, +10 SPD, +1 Attack Per Round, +3 Initiative, +3 Roll with Punch, +3 to Pull Punch +10% on one physical skill [prowl]
Mental Genius
+6 IQ, +3 to skills, perfect recall, +2 Perception +2 save vs illusions

Basic Knowledge
Mathematics: Basic 81%
Mathematics: Advanced 98% [111%]
Advanced Knowledge
Astronomy 91%
Anthropology 86%
Archeology 91%
Business & Finance 98% [101%]
Research 98% [116%]
Chemistry 96%
Chemistry: Analytical 91%
Biology 96%
Botany 91%
Pathology 98% [106%]
Medical Doctor 98%/98% [126%/116%]
Basic Electronics 98% [116%]
Electrical Engineer 98% [111%]
Electronics Construction 98% [157%]
Automotive Mechanic 91%
Aircraft Mechanic 91%
Mechanical Engineer 91%
Armor Construction 98% [137%]
Weapon Tech
Weapons Engineer 91%
Weapon Construction 98% [141%]
Robot Electronics 98% [111%]
Robot Mechanics 96%
Robot Construction 98% [137%]
Computer Operation 98% [106%]
Computer Programming 96%
Computer Hacking 96%
Breaking and Entering
Locksmith 91%
Hot-Wiring 93%
Forgery 86%
Surveillance Systems 96%
Radio: Satellite 91%
Cryptography 61%
Intelligence 95%
Escape Artist 96%
Prowl 76%
Climb 96%
Detect Ambush 96%
Dance (Professional) 76%
Seduction 56%
Pilot: Automobile 87%
Pilot: Motorcycle 98% [123%]
Pilot: Race Car 98% [115%]
Pilot: Robot 98% [123%]
Pilot: Jet Fighter 98% [103%]
Advanced Pilot
Navigation 98% [116%]
Read Sensory Equipment 96%
Weapon Systems 98% [106%]
Language (Japanese) 98%
Language (Russian) 98%
Language (Chinese) 98%
Language (English) 98%
Language (Arabic) 98%
Acrobatics [ 2D4 Kick, +2 Roll with Punch, +1 PS, +1 PP, +1 PE, +6 SDC]
Gymnastics [ +2 Roll with Punch, +2 PS, +1 PP, +2 PE, +11 SDC]
- Sense of Balance 87%
- Walk Tightrope 90%
- Work Parallel Bars and Rings 90%
- Climb Rope 97%
- Back-flip 97%
Athletics [ +1 Parry and Dodge, +1 Roll with Punch, +1 PS, +4 SPD, +6 SDC]
Wilderness Survival 91%
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts [ +3 Attacks per Melee, +3 Roll with Punch, +2 Initiative, +3 Pull Punch, +3 Parry and Dodge, +2 to Strike, +2 to Disarm, Kick Attacks]
W.P. Energy Pistol [ +4 Aimed, +2 Burst, +1 Wild ]
W.P. Blunt [ +2 Strike, +2 Parry, +1 Strike When Thrown ]
W.P. Paired Weapons (Stun Batons)

Secondaries @ Level 2
Boxing [ +1 Attack per Melee, +2 Parry and Dodge, +1 Roll with Punch, +2 PS, +15 SDC, KO Blow on Natural 20 while Unarmed]
Wrestling [ Body Block/Tackle 1d4, Pin/Incapacitate on 18,19, or 20, Crush/Squeeze 1d4, +1 Roll with Punch, +2 PS, +1 PE, +22 SDC]

Secondaries @ Level 4
Demons and Monsters 51%
Geomancy 46%

Armor: Armored Motorcycle Jumpsuit
AR 17 SDC: 300
Motorcycle Glasses
-JARVIS Heads Up Display, Infra-red, Low-Light
-Earpiece with Bone Conduction Mic

Strike: + 10 Punch ( 2D4+4; KO on 20 ); Crescent Kick ( 2D4+6 ); Roundhouse Kick ( 3D6+4; Once per Round ); Tackle ( 1D4+4; Pin on 18-20 ); + 12 Stun Baton ( 2D4+4+1D6 Electrical )
Parry: +14 Unarmed +16 Stun Baton
Dodge: +14
Damage: +4
Attacks: 7
Initiative: +6
Roll with Punch: +13
Pull Punch: +6

Special Kicks
Backwards Sweep
Leg Hook

[Rescue MKIII] Iron Girl [Base Model]
Company: Department of Science
Quality of Robot: Final Production Model
Type 3 Robot: Exoskeleton
Humanoid Body
-Armor (AR 17; SDC 3120 [Head 900; Legs 1200; Arms 700])
-Force Field (SDC 400)
Mini-Antimatter Reactor Core
Human-Like Legs (SPD 88; 60MPH)
Repulsor Flight System (570MPH Combat; 1300MPH Flight)
Human-Like Arms (Robotic PS 32)
Advanced Audio System with Sound Analysis
Combat Computer (JARVIS Mainframe Uplink [Masked], Integrated JARVIS Subnet, Advanced Radar, Atmospheric and Chemical Sensors)
Advanced Robotic Optics (JARVIS HUD, Infra-red, Low-Light, Ultra-Violet, 3D Imaging and Analysis)
Wide Band Communications with Scrambler
Full Environmental Protection (Sealed for environments as diverse as space and deep sea operation)
Nanotech Medical Survey Unit (Pilot Maintenance and Unauthorized User Deterrence with Bio-Scan)
Advanced Pilot Integration (Telemental Suit Control, Remote Suit Access and Control)

Finger Lasers [1D6x10 per Finger]
Hand Repulsors [5D6x10]
Chest Repulsor [2D4x1000] (All Attacks)
Micro Missile Launcher [5D6 per Missile] (16) (Dumbfire; 20ft Blast)
Wrist Dart Launcher [Effect Per Dart]

+12 Punch [3D6 + 17]
+13 Finger Lasers [1D6x10 per Finger]
+13 Hand Repulsor [5D6x10]
+14 Chest Repulsor [2D4x1000] All Attacks
+5 Micro-Missiles <frag> [5D6 per Missile] Volley of 2, 4, or 8 (20ft Blast) Range ½ Mile
+13 Wrist Dart Launcher [Tracer (Long Range Tracking Device), Chemical Marker (Short Range Invisible Chemical Marking), Remote Access Device (Remote Computer Access), Tranquilizer (1 Damage; DC 16 Non-Lethal Poison)]
Parry: +17
Dodge: +16
Damage: +15
Attacks: 8
Initiative: +10
Roll with Punch: +13
Pull Punch: +6


Tina was born in Japan while her father Tony Stark, famous for being Iron Man as well as the genius behind the new Arc Reactor technology, was working on updating all of Japan’s power grid to Arc Reactors. Lived her entire life pretty aggressively, and is well known on the teen party circuit in Japan’s hotspots, and sometimes even the adult party circuit when her less than responsible dad brings his little ‘Sparky’ along to parties that someone under age probably shouldn’t be going to. Home schooled to the age of 16 by her father and she quickly learned all she needed to know about a multitude of topics, including, to her mother’s dismay Seduction and the manipulation of men and women with the power of her good looks. She ‘borrowed’ her mother’s Rescue MKI suit when she was 14 and made the necessary modifications to turn it into the Rescue MKII suit or the Iron Girl suit as she now calls it. Her mother having seen the totally lack of real friends that Tina had and finally at wits end after running into Tina at a party while trying to drag Tony out of said party by the collar, with her husband not understanding in the slightest why it was inappropriate for Tina to be at said party, shipped Tina off to Gotham to attend Gotham High, and live a quote Normal Childhood Experience.

- After Doomsday -
Tina took to Doom’s ideal stronger than most, she believed in the power of technology to solve all problem. She had her parents back and if she could she would make sure she would never ever lose them again. As Director of the newly established Bureau of Science she pooled all of her prodigious skill into making the world a better place for everyone. Not too long after Doomsday she surprised everyone and in a reversal of gender roles proposed to Victor Zsasz, stating that she couldn’t think of a life without him anymore than she could without her blood family, and that she didn’t care that they hadn’t technically ever finished High School. She and Hope continued to be very close, Hope always impressing Tina with newly learned skills and confidence, but Tina was always most happy when Hope and her could just relax away from people, and just talk, like they used to. Tina always took her responsibility seriously and spent long hours working on technology she could have only dreamed of prior to all the ordeals she had been forced to endure, but all of this just made her more dedicated. She worked with her father to finish an updated version of the Iron Girl armor, which she used as a testing ground for the Civil and Planetary Defense technology as she worked to realize Doom’s vision for Earth as a galactic power. All in all Tina couldn’t think of any way this could have worked out better, some of her friends were dead, and she sometimes thinks of them, but there are a lot of people alive that depend on her, and those thoughts quickly evaporate as she pushes herself further to help those still alive.

Tina 'Sparky' Stark

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