Tag: Deceased


  • Terry McGinnis

    Ever since Bruce Wayne came back to Gotham, Terry has felt pushed to the background. He knows he can do anything Bruce can, and wants to prove it. Terry was killed in a trap set by Anthony Herod.

  • Slade Wilson

    Slade hates kids. For that matter, he hates teaching. He wishes he hadn't left the military when he did, and takes it out on the pupils of Gotham High. Recently, his son Joseph was killed in broad daylight by a metahuman. In an attempt to avenge Joseph's …

  • "Static" Annie Wagner

    Little was known about Static. She had the ability to communicate with machines and seemed to hate, fear, and also admire Victor Von Doom. She died confronting a creature of great power calling itself Tony Stark, against the wishes of her adopted father. …

  • Julio Bain

    Bain is from a country called Santa Prisca, but was recruited by Alchemax as part of a complex plan the full implications of which may never be known. He made attempts to murder at least five of his classmates before he was himself slain by Victor Fries.

  • Felix Faust

    Felix Faust grew up cutting up cats in his backyard, encouraged by his cult member parents. He managed (He thought) to transform himself into a greater being than human. His sick, sick life ended when he was beaten to death by Iron Girl.

  • Steve Rogers

    Legend has it that Steve was a war hero in World War 2. Lexcorp apparently recently discovered his still-living body and resuscitated him. Killed on Doomsday by the Unknown Soldier.

  • Meatmarket

    Cornelius Stirk was one of the helpers in Gotham High's cafeteria, and a fan of learning biology. He was shot to death by Ringo Chen in Noonan's bar trying to attack Club Arkham, shortly after having a dog welded to him.

  • Doc

    Lazlo Valentin has always felt that he could correct all those little flaws he saw in the people around him, if only he had the tools.

  • Pilgrim

    Anton Pilgrim spent his life wishing he was someplace else. Sixpack stabbed him to death with a broken bottle in Noonan's bar during a Lilin assault.