Gotham High

Contact with the Kree
Doctor Pain and the Supreme Intelligence

The gods of Olympus issued an ultimatum to Doom: Remove the dimensional barrier he had placed around Olympus, or watch as the ministers of his government were dragged screaming to Tartarus.

Doom’s ministers proved more than up to the tasks presented them, and they not only evaded capture by the deity, but forced him into retreat. The humbled Hermes pleaded with Helena Bertinelli to sway Doom’s hand in favor of Olympus.

Minister of Justice Bruce Wayne asked Tina Stark to be ready to assume position of Global Princept, shortly before he convinced Victor Von Doom to voluntarily step down and face trial for the deaths of the tens of thousands he sacrificed on Doomsday.

Tina Stark had barely enough time to assimilate her new responsibilities when an alert came in from Prime Contact regarding Kree vessels engaging in a firefight nearby. Tommy, Oliver, and Helena returned to Prime Contact in time to trace the crash landing of a Kree vessel on the surface of Prime Contact.

The heroes transported in to find Kree militia and medical officers trying to contain the power core of their damaged craft. As the heroes assisted, a monstrous alien viciously attacked from the apparently uninhabited ship, killing several Marines outright before being blinded by Oliver Queen. The creature appeared impervious to all forms of attack and could fly at faster-than-light speeds.

An SOS was sent to Earth, requesting the assistance of Superman. The Man of Steel clashed with the monstrous alien, taking the fight away from Prime Contact.

A new Kree vessel, helmed by Ronan the Accuser, arrived to collect the injured Kree. The monstrous alien called Doctor Pain returned, slaying Ronan the Accuser and dozens more Kree before being forced into retreat by Hope Luthor and Tina Stark. Ronan’s vessel took off in pursuit of the creature.

The immediate threat gone, the humans found themselves being declared subjects of the Kree Empire, ordered to submit or die. Global Princept Tina Stark requested time to foster a decision, and was granted forty eight hours by the Supreme Intelligence, the Kree Supreme Leader.

Rushed preparations were made on Earth to negotiate or fight the Kree. The fledgling galactic power sent Tommy Monaghan as a diplomat to the Shi’Ar Empire, and prepared a device to begin the process of evolution in the Kree race as a bargaining chip.

When the deadline passed, the massive Kree Supreme Intelligence appeared over Earth and demanded its surrender. Tina Stark offered their solution to the Kree evolutionary stagnation, finding it only angering the Supreme Intelligence. The Kree declared its intention to destroy the Earth, only to find itself balked by the captain of the medical ship which the heroes rescued on Prime Contact, Captain Mar-Vell.

Mar-Vell, granted his request to spare the Earth, was also banished from Homeworld forever. He takes his place as one of Humankind’s protectors, with a touch of melancholy. The Shi’Ar, arriving soon after, began diplomatic relations with Earth.

Guardians (?) of the Galaxy
The Galaxy is safe?

An emergency meeting with Minister of Information Barbara Gordon revealed an upcoming book about the more underhanded tactics utilized by Victor Von Doom on Doomsday. Tommy Monaghan and Helena Bertinelli were able to convince the author, Vicki Vale, to delay publication in exchange for official government publication.

Minister of Justice Bruce Wayne suggested the possibility of putting the Global Princept on trial in the Hague. The possibility was tabled for the moment.

A select group of Space Marines as well as Helena Bertinelli and Lilith Drake were taken by Captain Ashtarte to an independent space station with the intent of choosing a target for space piracy. The station, nicknamed “Free For All Station” was owned by a race of power-negating insectoid aliens who allowed all activities short of damaging station equipment by visiting creatures.

While Lilith made contact with some space faring dwarven wizards, the Marines (Killer Croc, Deadshot, Full Bird, Olliver Queen, and Nat the Hat) and their Commandant proceeded to get drunk and start a bar brawl in an establishment owned by Nebula, formerly one of the most wanted pirates in the galaxy. After an intervention by Nebula herself, the Marines lost most of their equipment and were nearly sold into slavery before being rescued by Captain Ashtarte.

As the Commandant was plotting revenge on Nebula, the station went on full alert. Two warships of the Kree Empire demanded the immediate delivery of a Shi’ Ar scientist, or they promised to open fire on the facility.

In an attempt to steal back the Space Marine equipment from Nebula, three Marines were killed in a fight with Nebula’s alien minions, while Nebula herself escaped with the Shi’ Ar scientist. Nebula’s bar was completely destroyed in a combination of gunfire and a suicide attack by members of a cult called the Universal Church of Truth.

Panic swept through the station as assorted ships tried to decide whether to fight, flee, or hunt down the Kree’s intended target.

By use of Lilith’s Nightbane abilities and the advice of a sentient patch of haze, the heroes were able to determine that Nebula and the Shi’ Ar were attempting to stow away aboard a Kree cargo vessel. Commandant Monaghan beat the captain of the ship to death with his rifle before opening fire on the docked ship.

The station’s security personnel took notice and captured Nebula and the Kree’s intended target, signalling the warships that they would turn him over to their custody.

On arrival of the Accuser Janus, the heroes attacked and killed the Kree law enforcement officer, prompting a violent reaction from the Kree warships. Because of the suddenness of the attack, no docked ships were able to exit the station. The heroes desperately activated a Rift Generator, making their escape to a barely hospitable planet with a toxic atmosphere and severe electromagnetic interference.

Nearly dying of thirst on the hostile planet, the heroes were discovered by Nebula and her crew after a few days. Her ship, the Mostly Void, had somehow avoided destruction. Nebula seemed angry to have lost the valuable Shi’ Ar researcher, but apparently felt the heroes had suffered enough. She offered them positions in her crew, or the potential to pay for safe transport. Lilith accepted a position as a pirate, Tommy and Helena agreed to pay for transport.

The official state wedding of Minister of Science Tina Stark and Minister of Humanity Victor Zsasz was a beautiful affair, attended by super beings, dignitaries, and at least one ancient god.

In a diplomatic visit to Mount Olympus, Victor Von Doom sealed off the home of the gods from the rest of the Megaverse, and awaits negotiations for removal of the barrier.

The Inaugural Mission of the Space Marines
Journeys Through Time and Space

The long believed to be dead Ra’s Al-Ghul masterminded a successful assassination of Global Princept Victor Von Doom. In the aftermath of the plot, Tony Stark magnanimously offered to help rebuild the world, gradually tightening his control over the populace by use of his robotic forces, the Iron Legion.

A group of heroes attempted to undo the assassination by braving the Astral Void and traveling back in time. Of the eleven who attempted, only Tommy Monaghan and Bruce Wayne survived the trip, not only capturing Ra’s Al-Ghul but also preventing the Ides of March assassination attempt by the Spook Squad.

Al-Ghul’s plan was timed to prevent the Galactic Travel Platform’s activation at Cape Doom, Florida. With Al-Ghul’s failure, the platform was used to send a group of Space Marines, as well as Lilith Drake, Helena Bertinelli, and Reed Richards, to an Earth-like planet on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Their mission: To establish a research station and secure the obedience of a local sentient populace to maintain it.

On arrival at the Prime Contact Planet, Reed Richards quickly fell behind schedule at establishing the research station, among other things failing to establish communications with Earth. The new planet was fascinating, and the local populace was human-like, with a level of technology roughly equal to Earth at a few hundred years BC.

As the Marines learned more about the local populace, they discovered the natives worshipped an exact copy of the pantheon of Grecco-Roman gods from Earth’s history. After murdering a priestess, the Terrans were struck by a supernatural storm as well as a visit from the Greek God Hermes. The divine being was only persuaded to forgive the humans when they accepted him as their patron.

Tommy screamed at and physically threatened Reed Richards, blaming him for the Terrans predicament and shifting focus from communications to the force field generator. Equipment setup was now more than a day behind schedule.

A group of intergalactic freebooters arrived, investigating anomalous energy readings from the supposedly tech-free planet. The pirate captain, a Teufelian named Ashtarte, planned to capture all equipment, plus Reed Richards before leaving the Terrans to fend for themselves. She grew overambitious, however, and planned to also lure in and capture Victor Von Doom.

Von Doom secured the abject surrender of the Teufelians shortly after his arrival, expressing his disappointment in Commandant Monaghan’s performance thus far.

With the newfound assistance of the Teufelians, the Marines took control of the Great Republic, the closest society on the Prime Contact Planet. They then gathered scattered tribes to the north and converted them to the worship of Hermes.

Tommy Monaghan, after a visit to Minister of Education Nakota Jessup, began educating the populace of the Prime Contact Planet. He also initiated the construction of a manufacturing plant to produce star fighters.

The Prime Contact Planet is changing rapidly.

Ides of March
Final death of the Spook Squad


March 15th, two years after Doomsday.

Televised live after a Global United Nations meeting, Princept Von Doom, en route to his limousine, was ambushed by an extremely well organized and well armed team of assassins. The entire world saw Doom’s bodyguards slain in the first seconds of gunfire, explosions rocking the streets as vehicles and projectiles detonated.

It would later be revealed, after a thorough investigation, that these assassins had arranged for Princept Regent Faith Luthor and Minister for Justice Bruce Wayne to be attacked at simultaneous locations. The primary attack, however, was entirely focused on the Global Princept.

The personal force field generator developed by Victor Von Doom enabled him to survive the assault. His personal sidearm and energy weapons enabled him to fight back with deadly effectiveness. Concentration of fire forced Doom to seek additional cover, and the firefight continued unabated for almost a full minute.

Finally, as the world watched live, the Princept fought hand to hand against a man with a bandaged face and trenchcoat. All the other would be assassins were already dead or had turned tail and run, but the man the press would later dub “the Unknown Soldier” fought to his last breath.

Final seconds of the broadcast before the Princept ordered it shut down were of Von Doom beating the bloody corpse of the Unknown Soldier into the pavement, shouting “You DINOSAUR! You RELIC of a bygone age! Your world is gone, and mine has only begun!”

Minister of Information Barbara Gordon has been attempting to run damage control ever since.

November 10th, 1775
The Marine Corps Birthday

Months have passed since the defeat of the Nightlords and the creation of the Global Government. Rebels throughout the globe still resist Doom’s rule, but are being solidly and progressively either forced to surrender or destroyed. Nearly all major diseases have been eradicated worldwide. Mages and religious groups are the most directly opposed to the new government, one because their cherished secrets have become essentially forced to become public education, and the other because the tenets of witchcraft are not only being held by the new Princeps, but are being forced on innocents across the globe.

Tina Stark, as head of the Ministry of Science, has been at the forefront of changing the world. Doom has tasked her with bringing forth an unprecedented development in global accomplishment, and she’s been trying hard to put all the nationalized assets at her disposal to bear. Her father Tony has been at best unsupportive and at worst completely obstructionist.

On one of Princeps Victor Von Doom’s visits to see his Minister for Science, Tommy Monaghan crashed in to one of the Ministry’s labs with his usual subtlety.

“I want in!” He said, slamming his fist down on a desk.

Noting the blank stares which greeted him, Tommy quickly amended “to the space program, man! Princeps, I mean! Like, if you’re going to start a galactic empire, I want in!”

“Oh yes,” Doom replied, in a tone which was so heavy with sarcasm it threatened to ooze out of his voice completely and take on a life of its own, “There couldn’t be a space program without you, Monaghan. I’m leaving a directive with my Ministry to begin a training program for the first Space Marines, and you’ll be one of the first admitted to this position of prestige.”

With that, Doom pointedly took Tina to a private office. Behind them, they left the perpetually smiling face of one of Tina’s most capable assistants, Jay Napier.

Jay had the Space Marine program up and running in a few weeks, training in the use of energy weapons, space vehicle combat, zero gravity movement, and an emblem of an eagle, globe, and anchor flanked by a latin phrase meaning “This started as a joke”.

When Tina discovered Jay’s elaborate prank, she sighed and told Jay he could continue with the program if he managed to get Tommy to get a tattoo of the Space Marine emblem, complete with Latin motto.

All he had to do was ask. Tommy agreed, and Waylon “Killer Croc” Jones and Natt the Hat promptly got the exact same tattoo.

Praise From Caesar
The final triumph of Victor Von Doom

Following the disastrous battle with Tony Stark’s Doppelganger, Vic Zsasz went to seek assistance from Lilith in following the monster back to his lair, while Tommy and Helena sought out the aid of Morgan L’Fay in resurrecting their slain friends Ollie and Natt.

Though L’Fay possessed the ability to heal the dead teens, the price she demanded was too high for the Ne’er do wells to pay. After failing to contact Hope by phone, the pair managed to contact Nakota and asked her to get them transport to the headquarters of Victor Von Doom.

In a rush, Lilith Drake rushed in and flung enchanted weapons at Tommy and Helena, promptly fleeing without explanation in her car. Tommy and Helena, trying to lend assistance to their friend’s mysterious plight, pursued in their own vehicle. At that point, Nakota opened a portal to transport her friends to the Fortress of Solitude.

Lilith slammed on the brakes of her car, only to have its front end smashed by Hope Luthor’s powerful Morphus shape. Then the already smashed car was rear ended by the one being driven by Tommy and Helena, launching the still-present cadavers of Ollie and Natt through the air and into the hands of Victor Von Doom, in a crescendo of screams provided by Nakota and her sister. Lilith transformed into her Morphus state, blasting pieces of her wrecked car in all directions.

In the ensuing chaos, a brief explanation emerged about Zsasz being alone in the Nightlands. Lilith led Hope, Tommy, and Helena to Club Freak, where the humans managed to “Trojan Horse” their way inside under Hope’s massive Morphus. Transporting to the safest place in Arkham (Gotham’s Nightlands counterpart), the quartet made their way to rescue Vic, now less one arm and working to rescue humans who had been experimented on by Nightland forces.

Managing to withdraw to the Fortress of Solitude, Zsasz had his arm restored by Doom. Morgan L’Fay was in the Fortress as well, imprisoned. The teens tried to make sense of what was going on, learning of the inhuman rate of progress Doom was projecting in his plans.

Gotham High was officially purchased by Lex Luthor, to be transformed into a Hope Center for Metahuman Development. In shock, Tommy notified Hope.

Hope, nearly bursting with glee, described Doom calling her father while wearing Superman’s face. “He called him a ‘second-rate intellect’ and told him to get on board or else!” Hope giggled. “While looking like THAT! Can you believe it? Dad had no IDEA what to say back!”

The students saw the changes to Gotham High. All the existing faculty, excepting Hugo Strange and Talia al Ghul, were given generous retirements and replaced by an entirely new set of teachers. Students were emphatically “encouraged” to begin boarding at the school. The students who had abandoned Club Arkham had returned to school, some looking very different. Selina Kyle said that Doom had resorted to threats when he’d been unable to bribe her to return. Waylon Jones “The Killer Croc” had been transformed into his human state, a handsome black man. Jones himself was as unaware of his racial heritage as anyone else.

Toward the end of the new Gotham High’s first day, a robot resembling Victor Von Doom as a teenager briefed the assembled student body. Though forceful and convincing, Doom was caught off guard by Selina Kyle’s pointed questions and Tommy Monaghan started a riot which badly injured several students.

Clones of Natt the Hat and Oliver Queen were completed and enrolled in the Hope Center for Metahuman Development. An intense training regimen began for all students, and the Ne’er Do Wells worked closely with Leslie Willis and other students to once and for all free Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters from the hands of the Nightlords. Joined in their plans were a couple of First Person Shooter gamers called Floyd Lawton and Joe Chill.

Helena recognized Chill as having “family” connections. She researched his father, Joe Senior, and managed to find that he had been strongly inplicated as working for a mobster named Lew Moxon. Chill had been strongly implicated in a number of hits, including that of Helena’s biological father and the long ago murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Joe Senior had been running a trucking business for a while now.

Helena put the information aside, believing it to be secondary to the mission at hand.

Between Tommy and Oliver, a well planned attack on Charles Xavier came together. A former associate of the school named Logan arrived to assist, and in fact probably had the most to do with preventing an all-out war between humans and mutants erupting right on school grounds.

The students themselves, once past the initial shock of facing one another, rapidly became allies. Lilith Drake healed the badly injured “Black Tom” Cassidy in front of the entire assembled school. Logan spoke to the school’s current head, Ororo Munro, and convinced her to alter the school from being a purely mutant facility to being an integrated metahuman training center. Helena and Tommy took up training sessions on the weekends with some of their new mutant friends. Lilith became friendly with a young woman named Wanda and even did a few Danger Room sessions with her.

Intensive training continued. Lois Lane and Condename:Unknown Soldier each contacted Tommy. Helena was placed in charge of getting Hope to a better physical condition, and saw how frustrating such a task could be. Doom forcefully requested Lilith to blackmail the Nightbane Underground Railroad. Lilith refused, but did take Doom’s case to the more receptive members of the Railroad.

In a sudden and unexpected alert, all members of Gotham High were activated. A strike force led by Gotham High’s robot Doom landed in the fortress of Lord Moloch himself, finding the Nightlord dead and his forces in disarray. The well trained metahumans acquitted themselves in beyond superb fashion, laying waste to Nightlands minions even on the arrival of Lady Lilith and her elite guard.

Though the students fought well, they were nonetheless outnumbered more than a thousand to one by supernatural forces under the command of an able general, and death was inevitable.

All at once, Lady Lilith shrieked commands to her troops to not harm any of the students, to allow them to escape. And so they did, through spells cast by Lilith Drake.

The world seemed to be exploding around the students. Attacks had been coordinated all over the world, literally hundreds of thousands of people engaged in battles against the Nightlords, all working toward one goal without realizing they were all working together under the same commander. The American Defense Agency (The Spook Squad), however, had been intentionally directed into the worst of the fighting. These espionage specialists and believers in American government were seen as being too dangerous to keep in the world to come, and so they were seen to die as heroes rather than being covertly murdered.

The heroes of Gotham High fought hard against their enemies and for their friends on what would come to be known as Doomsday. Their victory came at a cost, but many of them believed that the gain was greater than the loss.

On the West Coast, Tina Stark managed to rescue her parents from the mystical prison they had been trapped in since Dark Day. Her Iron Girl suit ceased to have the magical protection Doom ad imbued it with, but she no longer needed it.

In the following months, all former national governments were declared null and void by the New United Nations and its leader, Princept Victor Von Doom. The old governments had failed, and were both corrupted by the Nightlords and decimated on Doomsday. In the place of old government, all nations were appointed an Emissary General to the New United Nations and given representation in a Global Parliament.

All the students of Gotham High were granted government pensions for the rest of their lives, and many of them were offered positions of power in the New United Nations. Medical science across the world boomed as Globalized Medicine was implemented. Education swelled. Lands which had never been able to grow crops were suddenly and bountifully fertile. All national armies were declared part of the Global Peacekeeping Force. Some parts of these militaries resisted, and some still resist.

The Global Ministry of Sorcery has begun official, globalized training in magic. No longer “arcane secrets”, Princept Doom has declared that mystic ignorance was largely to blame for the Nightlords ease in taking over Earth’s leadership. Far less developed in its purpose is the Ministry for Psychic Affairs.

Finally, there is the Ministry of Humanity. Princept Doom has declared that hatred and fear of mutants and Nightbane has been because they hide. Because they are not understood by the world at large. Because mankind has been, in the old world, petty, cruel, and weak. In this new world, there will be no hiding. There will be no fear. There will be no weakness. And the Ministry of Humanity under Victor Zsasz is at the forefront of remaking humanity in this new world.

Or let us close up this wall...
Miracles and damnation

Police Lieutenant Gordon had been questioning all members of the Alternate Curriculum Class about Tina’s whereabouts. Following Pepper Potts taking control of Stark Industries, Tina left somewhat abruptly for California and didn’t leave any contact information. Vic has been morose since she left, and started intensively training with Bruce. The two spent so much time together that Jay started putting together Photoshopped pictures of them with background music “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie. He applied it to Gotham High’s computers as a screen saver.

Tommy and Helena sought out Lieutenant Gordon and told him what they know about the Nightlands invasion. Although Gordon was skeptical, he believed the teens’ sincerity and his suspicions have deepened that there may be no one in the GCPD who can be trusted.

Morgan L’Fay deposited Superman’s living body at Wayne Manor. It was reconstituted but with no soul. L’Fay intended to return the Kryptonian’s life completely after Tommy completed his promised service to her.

All of Club Arkham’s members, the Ne’er Do Wells, and Lilith Drake and Nakota Jessup meet in Wayne Manor. Eddie Nigma told Tommy about a girl he just got a date with; Destiny Dubbelz. Eddie asked Tommy if he’d come along to give him an “inside track” on how much she liked him.

Bruce and Barbara stood up and gave a status report. They played Leslie’s video of the death of Slade Wilson at the hands of Professor X, gave Basil’s reports of Anthony Herod’s presence in Chicago, and Vicki and Eddie gave a list of suspected or confirmed duplicates in Gotham City… none of whom are in Gotham High. Perhaps the only place in the country completely free of Nightland presence. Bruce started talking about possible reactions, when Selina stopped him and made a speech.

“Hey Bruce! Hope is DEAD, Tina is Gone! As far as I’m concerned, there IS no Club Arkham anymore! What you’re talking about here, this is nuts! It’s basically a death sentence, and there won’t be any happy ending for us! I’m not going along with this, and none of you should either!”

Selina is out, and going with her were Victor Fries, Temple Fugit, Oswald Cobblepot, Harvey Dent, Waylon Jones, and Derek Powers.

Remaining are: The Ne’er Do Wells, Nakota, Lilith, Bruce, Vic, Eddie, Barbara, Leslie, Jonathan Crane, Basil, Zatanna, Vicki, Pamela, Bruce, Jay, and Harley.

Bruce sighed and brought up the potential for recruiting other members. He said he’s been considering Vic Stone and John Henry Irons, and is on the fence about Floyd Lawton. He asked for other recommendations, and said they need to be vetted in some way.

Verified duplicates:
Professor X
Emma Frost
8 congressmen
Senator Robert Kelley
Mayor Hill
Commissioner Loeb
No one in Gotham High

Suspected duplicates:
45% of the House of Representatives
70% of the Senate
65% of the GCPD
30% of upper class business owners in Gotham
Lucius Fox
No one in Gotham High

Still overwhelmed by the sheer amount of developments facing them, Tommy and Helena decided to spend the evening with Eddie and his date. Helena identified Destiny as the sister of Moe and Joe Dubbelz, notorious Mafia enforcers, and daughter of Robert Dubbelz, a mob boss. For half the meal, Eddie remained blissfully unaware of these facts.

Eddie reacted less than heroically when Tommy told him about Destiny’s family, but Tommy managed to calm him down and convince him that Destiny might be worth the inherent dangers involved. On returning to the table, Eddie spotted Vic Zsasz coming in to the restaurant with an unfamiliar girl.


Tommy recognized the girl’s thoughts as being an entity he’d seen before in the Nightlands, and presumed this was a plot to spy on Club Arkham.

After dinner, Tommy and Helena returned to Wayne Manor, to discover the formerly inert body of Superman was standing, talking, and then flying up, up, and away. Tommy immediately recognized that this was NOT his childhood hero, and contacted Morgan L’fay to yell at her for her failure.

L’Fay appeared at Wayne Manor in her nightclothes, filled with outrage as she determined that the disembodied gypsy Victor Von Doom had just stolen the body she’d worked so hard to rebuild. In a rage, she laid enchantments on Tommy and Helena’s weapons and demanded they slay Doom, promising them Kryptonite and further weapon enchantments.

Calling on Leslie Willis for assistance, the Ne’er Do Wells traveled to Malibu and were given a block of Kryptonite by Pepper Potts. After making contact with Lois Lane in Metropolis, Tommy was able to read her mind for the location of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Using Leslie’s teleportation in conjunction with Barbara’s satellite imagery expertise, the Ne’er Do Wells led an attack on Doom before he could become familiar with his new body’s powers.

Not expecting so sudden an ambush, the Ne’er Do Wells severely injured Doom and nearly killed him, only letting up when Doom had destroyed their kryptonite and declared his intention not to harm them. The courage and power of the Ne’er Do Wells seemed to have won Doom’s grudging respect, and he assisted them in healing Nakota Jessup, Salie Jessup, and Hope Luthor. Doom told the teens about what he had learned about the Nightlords and their plans during his time in the Astral Plane.


Unsure of their “victory”, the teens returned to Gotham and managed to sleep for an hour before being awoken by Eddie, asking if they knew where Zsasz was. Tommy and Helena realized what his situation must have been, and with Hope, they ventured into the Nightlands and Arkham Academy.

Vic was being made to fight in a makeshift arena, against starved and abused people. Vic was making every effort to spare their lives, in the process being unnecessarily wounded himself. The trio of heroes approached the arena, trying to scout their location out before taking action, though Hope could barely restrain herself.

“Do you think he should fight another round?” the massive bat-like demon called Dark King asked a Night Gnome with two heads.

“I don’t know,” the gnome answered. “Heads or tails!” and with that, he flung a baby end over end into the pit. Helena dove for the infant, but too late. Vic, however, caught the child safely before it could hit the ground.

Tommy shot the night gnome in its faces before leaping into the arena with Hope. A new combatant, a large man with a bandaged face and a Vietnam era M-16 with grenade launcher nearly shot at Hope, but Vic stood in front of the weapon and the man refused to fire. Hope used her Doorway Talent to escape Arkham, and following a battle with Hunters, the now six mortals returned to Earth, draining much of Hope’s energy and scaring the hell out of a warehouse full of workers.

Hope and Vic left to seek medical attention and a safe place for the baby. Helena and Tommy followed the mysterious bandaged man, repeatedly refusing his gruff orders to leave well enough alone. Finally the man identified himself as Codename: Unknown Soldier, and told the teens about the American Defense Agency, a group of warriors who were trying to free the United States from the Nightlands invaders. Tommy gave him contact information.


The Ne’er Do Wells took time to sleep and recover, planning a raid on Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, working with Leslie to expose the Avatar posing as Charles Xavier. In the middle of their reconnaissance, Eddie detected an attack on Victor Zsasz’s home. Leslie teleported the crew to Vic’s, to find it under a raid by eight heavily armed and armored men. Tommy was the only person able to see in the pitch darkness of the unilluminated street, and a heated, bloody battle followed. The Doppelganger of Tony Stark tried to bargain for Vic, but the Ne’er Do Wells fought to the death, losing Natt and Ollie to bullet wounds and magic.

In the darkness, Tommy resolved to recover his friends and take revenge on Tony Stark.

Lex Luthor's Press Conference
Hope's Rebirth


Lex Luthor’s Press Conference
Covered by all major news outlets

Good afternoon to the American people, and to those parents all over the world who know the heartbreak of having lost a child. It is by now no secret that my daughter Hope was taken prisoner by one of her friends, and that this misguided girl killed her own father and my beloved Hope. She did this in the name of heroism.

I was the parent of a metahuman, and I know that many of you watching me now know how horrific that experience can be. Many of these metahumans believe themselves to be saviors, or protectors of the world they live in because of the abnormal abilities that come with their condition. It is this belief, and these tendencies, that have killed not only my daughter but countless others, and will continue to do so for as long as this behavior is allowed to continue.

Tina Stark, the girl whose delusions of super-humanity led her to kill her own father as he tried to negotiate my daughter’s release, had caused the deaths of many others before. It has long been a habit of law enforcement to ignore what might be considered collateral damage by metahuman heroes… if it had not been, it is very likely Tina would have already had her robotic suit, itself equivalent in power to a fighter jet, removed when she caused the death of her classmate Terry McGinnis. Or Julio Bain. Or even before deaths had occurred, and only property damage was at issue. My colleague and former opponent Superman acknowledges his part in the many casualties which occurred during his career as a costumed adventurer, and has been among the first since Dark Day to retire in an effort to avoid further tragedy.

Virginia Stark, Tony’s widow, and I have vowed to end this horror, and help metahumans and their families, so that no parents will need to suffer as Virginia and I now do. Together, we begin the Metahuman Hope Foundation. We are building centers across the country to help both young and old metahumans understand their abilities, and their place in this world. We will educate families, and ease the pain of knowing their children are different as best we can. It is my ardent desire that the death of my Hope may mean the birth of hope for so many who need it.

Thank you. There will be no questions at this time.

Lost in the Night
The death of Hope

Our heroes found themselves in a strange land, its sky illuminated by a dim, unseen source. Hope projected her memory of the death of “Static” Annie Wagner, and revealed that she had learned that her father might, in fact, have been trying to save her life through his attempts to take her from Gotham.

“Tina…” Hope began, sounding choked up and exhausted, “I think we got this wrong… I think we got it all wrong.”

Tommy’s X-Ray vision detected grotesque, semi-biological vehicles approaching from the west, against the skyline of a city which resembled Gotham, though darker in tone than even America’s darkest city.

One of the vehicles carried the apparent armored form of Iron Man. As it neared, however, this was clearly something else.


Tina engaged in combat with the mock Iron Man, who believed her to be his daughter and tried to convince her to end things peacefully. Tina pressed her attack, and the Flesh Man realized this was not his daughter, but “the other one”.

In a pitched and brutal fight, Hope was forced into her human form and executed. Tina vanished during her fight with the Flesh Man, leaving only Helena and Tommy stranded in the vast desert, bereft of supplies and low on ammunition.

Tommy was able to detect “sink holes” in the desert, which held water… salt water. Helena and Tommy decided their only option for survival must lie in the dark streets of this mirror image of Gotham.

The pair sought out the counterparts to familiar neighborhoods in their own city, finding twisted reflections of things they knew. Leslie Thompkins’ shelter was, in this city, a torture chamber. Noonan’s bar was a barracks for special troops in the dark armies of this city. They took refuge in a building which had a duplicate of Helena’s cousin Temperance. Temperance seemed only vaguely aware of their presence, but did not seem aggravated by having them around.

Sleeping in spurts, Tommy’s telepathy read thoughts without bodies. He knew from experience some of the minds: Zatanna, Nakota, and Pamela. Another mind was involved, which Tommy could not identify. He tried to convey his location, but was unable to get it across before the thoughts faded.

The duo investigated the location corresponding to the destroyed Club Arkham, where Tommy read the mind of a supernatural creature and learned that Tina was still alive, kept in “Arkham Academy”. Helena took this to mean the mirror of Gotham High.
The heroes’ allies in the normal world managed to make contact again, and said they would be able to open a portal in Gotham High at four in the AM.

Arkham Academy proved to be a highly active, insidious center for training and research. The heroes infiltrated and avoided detection for some time. However, when they WERE detected, the result was a battle which destroyed an entire building. Tina was rescued unharmed, though without her armor. Tommy was able to detect it using Tina’s JARVIS communicator, in a location corresponding to her home in Gotham.

The exhausted and injured heroes were returned to Earth by Morgan L’Fay, as well as a few of their friends. L’Fay screamed at Tina, seeming to only have executed her rescue in hopes of saving Tina’s Iron Girl armor.

It was days of recovery before the heroes felt able to take action again. They held meetings with one another, learning from a friend of Nakota’s named Lilith Drake a few things about the place they’d just escaped from, and that Lilith had the ability to travel back and forth from that realm.

The heroes decided to try to recapture Tina’s armor from the Nightlands. Inadvertently, Tina passed that information along to Morgan L’Fay, who clearly intended to retrieve the armor herself.

Tina’s home in the Nightlands was protected by JARDIS, a massive horror created by powerful alchemy. The crucified corpse of Superman hung on a wall as a decoration, near Tina’s armor, itself covered in clay plates covered in strange markings.

Proving barely able to stay ahead of the house’s defenses, the heroes bargained with L’Fay to escape to Earth, carrying with them Superman’s remains…

New Points of Light
New allies and deadly enemies

Suspicious of Club Arkham’s motives, Oliver Queen led a break-in of the old Cobblepot Theater. Tommy Monaghan managed to find the hidden entryways to the Club’s innermost sanctum, and Helena Bertinelli managed a subtle infiltration. The Ne’er Do Wells spied on the Club members present for some time before being discovered by Selina Kyle.

Both sides reacted with tense hostility at first, but eventually began sharing intelligence with each other. Tommy became friends with a number of Club members, including Eddie Nigma (Whom Tommy began calling “Riddle” after Eddie continually irritated Tommy with cryptic clues) and Jay Napier. Oliver Queen became an admirer of Barbara Gordon’s, and Natt the Hat with Waylon Jones (Whom Nat called “Killer”).

Static Annie Wagner was able to discern the function of alien devices Oliver stole from Lexcorp. One of them was a database of every student in Gotham High.

The Club came to a consensus decision to count the Ne’er Do Wells as “Allies”, but not Club members. They also began pursuing routes of investigation into the Preserver Party and Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Tommy and Helena joined Tina, Vic and Bruce in investigating the presence of the Lilin students who attacked Vic.

After days of tedious investigating, Tommy and Helena located Lazlo Valentin “Doc” lying comatose in Gotham General. Seeing a badly wounded Nakota Jessup arrive, Tommy captured Nakota while Helena made sure the kidnapping was not witnessed. Tommy’s telepathy gave him a deeper insight into Nakota’s mind, and he seemed to decide she was not evil.

Nakota was permanently deformed from her last encounter with Tina, and was clearly traumatized by the mere thought of her. In spite of that, Tina began to plan out reconstructive surgery for the Lilin girl.

Vic Zsasz questioned the location of Nakota’s little sister Elsie, and Helena worked with Bruce to research her whereabouts. They managed to track Elsie to a sex trafficking ring, and saw some of the darkest elements of humanity. Vic and Bruce took the trafficked girls to safety, while Helena and Tommy exacted punishment on the traffickers themselves.

On Sunday, the day before Gotham High was set to reopen, Basil discovered Preserver Party information that Lex Luthor planned a trip to Gotham on Monday. Nakota revealed to Tommy her visions of possible attackers at Gotham Airport, and also told him she believed the other Lilin were going to attack Club Arkham, using her as the “anchor” point for Anton Pilgrim’s teleportation ability.

Tommy relocated Nakota to Noonan’s Bar, and asked Pamela Isley to look after the injured girl.

On Monday morning, the Ne’er Do Wells collectively skipped school and went to Gotham International Airport. They saw Lex Luthor’s private jet arrive, and Tommy’s X-Ray vision revealed Steve Rogers and an internationally wanted assassin called the Ghost inside it.

Luthor went to Gotham High and officially disenrolled his daughter Hope. He offered Tina the opportunity to ride with Hope and himself on the way to the airport, but Tina instead took Hope and escaped by use of a talisman from Morgan L’Fay.

The Ne’er Do Wells saw alien creatures masquerading as humans arrive, seeming to set up an ambush for Lex Luthor’s limousine. They destroyed the alien creatures, but news coverage reported the incident as a “Metahuman Terror Attack Thwarted By Captain America”.

As Lex Luthor passed by Tommy Monaghan, telepathy revealed his thoughts to be “You idiots have killed Hope. And you don’t even know it.”

Tommy relayed the information to Tina, but was distracted by a phone call from Hacken, saying that an attack had just taken place on Noonan’s Bar. Tina responded in her Iron Girl armor, only to find that the Lilin were totally overmatched by the ready and alert patrons of Noonan’s.
Tina’s armor came under some kind of supernatural influence and began moving on its own toward Washington, DC. Hope was able to capture it and return it to Tina.

When Tina returned to Club Arkham, Static Annie Wagner seemed horrified that Tina had brought her armor back. Static was more or less unable to explain why it was disturbing to her, but she insisted on Hope and Tina leaving. They refused.

Tony Stark arrived at Club Arkham, and Static made one last attempt to get Hope and Tina to leave. Again, they refused.

Hope immediately transformed on seeing Tony Stark. Her supernatural senses revealed his true nature, and Hope forced Tina through a mystic Doorway.

Club Arkham exploded. Hope was badly hurt, but survived.
Tina returned and began fighting with the thing calling itself Tony Stark. Her Iron Girl armor proved not only impervious to the creature’s power, but also drained energy from it. The supremely confident creature seemed to believe Tina still posed no threat, and taunted her even as she inflicted massive damage to it with her fists.

Oliver Queen, Tommy Monaghan, and Helena Bertinelli joined the battle, arriving from Noonan’s. Oliver fired an explosive arrow directly into Tony’s eye, severely injuring him. Tommy fired all rounds from his pistols into the thing’s legs, and Helena engaged the thing hand to hand. Helena managed to destroy the thing, but not before it had drawn her with it and the Iron Girl suit through a portal.

Tina and Tommy leapt blindly into the portal, joined only by Hope.


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