Wesley Dodds

Boring Chemistry Teacher


Name: Wesley Dodds
Class: Super Sleuth
Alignment: Scrupulous
HP: 66 SDC: 45
Experience Level: 20
IQ: 20 Age: 90
ME: 25 Sex: Male
MA: 10 Height: 5 ft 8 in (Used to be 5 ft 11 in)
PS: 11 (Was 20) Weight: 140 lbs
PP: 8 (Was 18)
PE: 9 (Was 21)
PB: 9 (Was 19)
Spd: 8 (Was 24)
PPE: 30
Strike: 2 Parry: 8 Dodge: 8 Damage: 4 Attacks: 8 Initiative: 4
W.P. Pistol +9 Strike



Mr. Dodds has a reputation for putting his students to sleep.

Born in 1924 to a family of means, Wesley Dodd took to two things: chemistry and heroism. He fought the nazis in World War 2, alongside legends like Superman, Namor, the Human Torch, and Captain America. He took on the identity of the Sandman, a masked detective in the Golden Age of Heroes.
As Wesley got older, he became more and more feeble. A stroke he suffered in 2002 forced him to give up heroism for good, until one day the sun didn’t come up, and people were looking for their heroes again.

Wesley doesn’t know if this new global government is a good thing or a bad one. He does know he’s too old to do anything about it… it’s a new world for a new generation, and he figures he’d better let them handle it.

Wesley Dodds

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