Victor Von Doom

Global Princept


True Name: Victor Von Doom
Class: Super Scientist/ Sorcerer
Alignment: Aberrant
HP: 101 SDC: 45
Experience Level: 18/ 8
IQ: 40 Age: 16
ME: 45 Sex: Male
MA: 20 Height: 5 ft 9 in
PS: 15 Weight: 160 lbs
PP: 13
PE: 15
PB: 19
Spd: 13
PPE: 140
Strike: 6 Parry: 6 Dodge: 7 Damage: 10 Attacks: 8 Initiative: 4

Thanks to his experimentation, Doom became able to alter physical matter with the same limitations as a Nightlord Avatar.


Rumored to have been expelled during his freshman year, the European exile called Victor Von Doom was later discovered by Tina Stark to have been held captive as part of a gruesome genetic experiment. Doom’s alterations to Tina’s armor resulted in his apparent death, but Victor apparently survived in astral form long enough to take control of Clark Kent’s soulless body after it was reconstituted by Morgan L’Fay. Doom has begun restructuring the Fortess of Solitude as a base of revolution.

Doom is the unchallenged master of the world. Titling himself “Global Princept” (First citizen), and making a semblance of a democratic process to mask his autocracy, Doom intends to finally make the world what is should be, rather than what it always has been.

Victor Von Doom

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