Vic Zsasz

Minster of Humanity


Name: Victor Zsasz
Alignment: Principled

Height: 6ft
Weight: 220 lbs


Born to a loving family, wealthy, smart, and athletic, Vic seems to have it all. On top of all that, he’s one of the kindest guys in high school. He became captain of the wrestling team after Waylon Jones was kicked off for injuring his opponent.
Vic revealed recently that he is still haunted by the memory of all the people he wasn’t able to save on Dark Day. He fears that he won’t be able to protect his friends.

Vic has been given a task like no other government official in history: He is to make sure life is good for people. The Ministry of Humanity is meant to eliminate prejudice, promote understanding, and prevent hatred. He must integrate metahumans, mutants, Nightbane, aliens living on Earth, and all races of humans. Doom believes in the possibility, and so does Vic. Though he may not get to the mountaintop, he will begin the journey.

Vic asked his fellow Minister Tina Stark to delay plans for marriage… after all, there’s a lot left to do. If they’re meant to be together, it will happen eventually.

Vic Zsasz

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