Unknown Soldier

The soldier no one was ever meant so see (Deceased)


Name: Unknown Soldier
Class: Team Epsilon Trooper
Alignment: Aberrant
HP: 130 SDC: 250
Experience Level: 15
IQ: 14 Age: 70
ME: 27 Sex: Male
MA: 20 Height: 6 ft 5 in
PS: 42 Weight: 280 lbs
PP: 24
PE: 50
PB: 3
Spd: 24
PPE: 6
Strike: 12 Parry: 11 Dodge: 11 Damage: 33 Attacks: 10 Initiative: 6
Trench Spike
Combat Shotgun
Vietnam Era M-16


The Unknown Soldier had a name once, but he isn’t sure now what it was. He has fought the enemies of the United States, human and inhuman, for the better part of a century. He knows he’s to old to keep being the Unknown Soldier, but also believes the MUST be someone to do the job he’s been doing all these years. He is a major operative in the American Defense Agency… the Spook Squad.

The Spook Squad was virtually entirely wiped out on Doomsday. Those who survived swear revenge on their organization’s murderer… Victor Von Doom.

Slain in the Ides of March attack.

Unknown Soldier

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