Tommy Monaghan

Commandant of the Corps of Space Marines


Name: Tommy Monaghan Critical: 18+
Class: Experiment
Education: Military (Raised by Sean Noonan)
Alignment: Unprincipled
HP: 56 SDC: 122
Experience Level: 6
Experience Points: 29375
IQ: 14 Age: 16
ME: 15 Sex: Male
MA: 13 Height: 5 ft 10 in
PS: 32 Weight: 175 lbs
PP: 26
PE: 28
PB: 15
Spd: 45
PPE: 3

Strike:8 Parry: 12 Dodge: 15 Damage: 17 Attacks: 7/9 Initiative: 7/12 pistol

Limited Telepathy (130 ft range)
X-Ray Vision
Lightning Reflexes (Automatic Dodge)
Targeting (50% range increase)
Heightened Awareness (Dodge gunfire without penalty)

Skills Secondary Skills

Basic Military Program Athletics
Hand to Hand: Expert Swimming 80% +5%/lvl
Running First Aid 75 +5%/lvl
Climbing 98%/95% +5%/lvl Concealment 44% +4%/lvl
Military Etiquette 85% +5%/lvl Streetwise 48% +5%/lvl
Radio: Basic 90% +5%/lvl Prowl 85% +5%/lvl
Pick Pockets 50% +5%/lvl
Physical Program Body Building
Boxing Recognize Weapon
Wrestling Quality 35% +5% /lvl

Weapon Proficiency Program
W.P. Automatic Pistol +9 Aimed Shot
W.P. Automatic Rifle +6 Aimed Shot
W.P. Sub-Machinegun +6 Aimed Shot
Sharpshooting: Automatic Pistol

Weapon Range Ammo Damage
.45 1911 Springfields (2) 240 ft (8) x 8 4D6
Ingram Model 10’s 990 ft 100 round mag 4D6
Dragunov Sniper Rifle 8530 ft 40 round mag 4D6

Savings Throws:
Vs Magic: +7
Vs Coma/Death: +28%


Tommy Monaghan grew up in a section of Gotham known as the Cauldron, a slum populated by low lifes of mostly Irish descent. Tommy Himself is an orphan, the child of a prostitute and a drunken maniac. He was adopted out of St. Killian’s orphanage by Sean Noonan, a bartender who was both a veteran of the Marine Corps and a former hitman. Noonan’s bar is where Tommy spent a lot of his formative years.

Noonan wanted more for Tommy than he’d ever achieved himself, but also knew that life in the Cauldron usually meant being no stranger to violence. Tommy was tough and streetwise, but just one of the many street punks who populate Gotham’s morgues and missing persons reports every day. No one (Except Noonan and maybe Tommy himself) ever thought he’d be anything more than a statistic in the paper.

From a very young age, Tommy and his friend Nat “The Hat” Hattfield have had each other’s backs. Whether stealing porn magazines from Noonan’s bedroom or fighting the Cauldron’s teenage thugs, Nat and Tommy have always looked out for each other. Nat remains Tommy’s best friend to this day.

For the most part, Tommy never tried to do well in school. He did just enough to get by, and even that was only from a desire to keep Sean Noonan’s foot out of his butt. The only parts of school Tommy really excelled at were protecting other kids from bullies… and taking over the bullying for himself.

When Tommy met Oliver Queen, his life changed. Tommy and Nat were in the middle of shaking down Ozzie Cobblepot when Oliver came up all Robin Hood-style to defend the deformed little midget. Tommy, Nat, and Oliver all left school black and blue and spent a week suspended. Ever since that day, they’ve all been friends. Oliver has a way of making doing the right thing seem less retarded than Tommy’s ever really thought of it before. Oliver has a cause, and he’s cool. Plus, Tommy figures, he can always ditch him later.

Together with Helena Bertinelli and Lonnie Machin, the five are known around school as the “Ne’er Do Wells”, and they’ve got a reputation for hating the establishment that’s well deserved.

On Dark Day, Tommy saw a monster. More than that, he became a monster.

When the sun went out, Tommy and Nat figured they’d barricade themselves in the school gymnasium. Because the sun going out is some heavy metal “signs of the Apocalypse” crap.

The thing they encountered on the way looked like a spider… sort of. It was nine feet across, and its skin looked like a mesh of living tissue and machinery. And it was attacking Lonnie Machin.

Looking back on it, Tommy isn’t sure why he didn’t run away. There was no way out of this situation which didn’t end in death… the only question was, whose death it was going to be. And looking back on it, Tommy knows the decision he made was really the wrong one. But at the time, it made sense. It felt right.

So, Tommy tried to bash the creature to death with a rock. It pounced on him and plunged its pincers into his chest. Tommy felt fluid burning his insides and his vision began warping. He isn’t sure how much of what he saw afterwards actually happened, but he saw himself rescued by a man in a trenchcoat and a gas mask. He also saw a twin of Helena die and evaporate right in front of him.

Tommy won’t ever be the same after that attack. For starters, his eyes are totally black. For another, his totally black eyes see people’s thoughts and through walls. The only thing he knows for sure, Tommy is now way more than a statistic.

Tommy Monaghan

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