"Static" Annie Wagner

Tech-savvy mutant (Deceased)


Static_armor.jpgSlender blonde with eyes which resemble the “snow” on an old CRT screen receiving no signal.

Name: Static Mechano-Link
True Name: Annie Wagner Extraordinary PP
Class: Operator Mutant Multitasking
Alignment: Unprincipled Danger Sense
HP: 69 SDC: 35
Experience Level: 14
IQ:18 Age: 16 (Physically)
ME:19 Sex: Female
MA:14 Height: 5 ft 7 in
PS:13 Weight: 125 Lbs
PE:13 Power Armor Bonuses: 5 Attacks, +2 S, +3 P, +2 D ground, +5 in air
Strike: 14 Parry: 15 Dodge: 17 Damage: 6 Attacks: 10 Initiative: 4 Perception:8
Skills Skills
HTH:Assassin Math: Advanced 80%
Jury Rig Repairs Chemistry: Analytical 65%
Find Parts and Components Chemistry 75%
Recognize Machine Quality 98% Radio:Scramblers 75%
Repair and Soup-Up Machines and Vehicles
L: English 98% Secondary Skills
L+L: German 98% Swim 98%
Basic Math 98% Climb 98%
Computer Operation 98% Prowl 98%
Computer Repair 98% Lore: Magic 98%
Electrical Engineer 98% Lore: Astral Plane 98%
Find Contraband 98% Lore: Demon 98%
Mechanical Engineer 98% L+L: Latin 60%
Pilot: Robots and Power Armor 98% L+L: Latverian 60%
Robot Combat: Basic L+L: Spanish 60%
Pilot Automobile 98% L+L: French 60%
Radio: Basic 98% L+L: Russian 60%
Sensory Equipment 98%
Weapons Engineer 98% WP Energy Pistol +9 Strike
Computer Hacking 98% WP Knife +5 S +5 P +6 T
Locksmith 98%
Computer Programming 98%
Robot Mechanics 98%
Robot Electronics 98%
Vehicle Armorer 98%
Aircraft Mechanics 98%
Computer Programming 98%
Demolitions 98%
Demolitions Disposal 98%

Static’s Winged Doom Power Armor

SDC: Main:3120 AR:17
Head: 900
Legs: 1200
Arms: 700
Wing projectors: 1000
Force Field: 400
Energy Wings: 2000

70 mph running
360 mph flying
20 mph underwater

Power Source: Antimatter Reactor

Bonuses: +2 Initiative +1 Strike, +1 Parry, +1 Dodge

Finger Lasers 1D6X10 per finger, or channeled through palms for 5D6X10
Wing Blades 2D6X10

Robotic PS of 32
Advanced Audio System
Wide-Band radio
Scrambler System
Sound Analysis Computer
Advanced Multi-Optics
Bio-Scan and Medical Nanotech


Little was known about Static. She had the ability to communicate with machines and seemed to hate, fear, and also admire Victor Von Doom. She died confronting a creature of great power calling itself Tony Stark, against the wishes of her adopted father.

Nearly all major cities in the new world have a school bearing the name of Annie Wagner.

"Static" Annie Wagner

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