Oliver Queen

Ne'er Do Well (deceased)


Name: Oliver Queen
Alignment: Aberrant

Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 199 lbs


Oliver has a reputation for skipping more classes than he attends, spraypainting quotes from Karl Marx on school buildings, and hanging out with fellow delinquents Tommy Monaghan, Lonnie Machin, and Helena Bertinelli.
School counselor Jeremiah Arkham keeps Oliver on a list of students to have their lockers regularly searched. Oliver was killed in a shootout with Hollow Men under the command of Tony Stark’s Doppleganger.

Oliver’s clone knows that the original Oliver Queen would never accept Doom’s rule, but he isn’t the original. He believes in Doom, and wants to ensure that this new world is a success.

Oliver Queen

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