Nakota Jessup

Minister of Sorcery


Olive skinned girl with lots of facial piercings. While once she nearly always looked sad, she now has an optimism she never felt before in her life.

Name: Nakota Jessup
Class: Mystically Bestowed Abilities
Alignment: Scrupulous
HP: 20 SDC: 45
Experience Level:3
IQ: 13 Age:17
ME: 13 Sex:Female
MA: 10 Height:5 ft 3 in
PS: 10 Weight: 115 lbs
PP: 13
PE: 13
PB: 15
Strike: 1 Parry: 2 Dodge: 2 Damage: Attacks: 4 Initiative:


Nakota grew up in a household where physical, verbal, and sexual abuse were to be expected. She grew up frightened and demoralized, unable to form a normal relationship. Most of the friends she had were dropouts… Nakota somehow felt that other kids in school looked down on her. Even though they might not say it, Nakota always felt like they knew the bad things her dad did to her when she went home… they knew she was dirty.
She became sort of friends with Lilith Drake. Lilith could do magic, and it made Nakota think there might be things in the world she couldn’t see. There might be an unseen world, like in the Harry Potter books or something. Nakota liked those books, and she remembered how Harry had been locked under the stairs in the beginning… until he found wizardry.
Nakota tried casting spells with Lilith. Lilith was always nice about it, but Nakota could tell that all the real power was in Lilith, not herself. She started to withdraw from her friend, realizing that, like all the others, Lilith knew just how weak and disgusting Nakota really was.
A dropout named John Skinner started talking to her around that time. He told Nakota about a book he’d found, and a Dwarf that could use the book to make wishes come true…

Nakota has always been a fan of speed metal and punk rock. It seems that recently she’s fallen in with a bad crowd. The Lilin attempted to use Nakota as bait to attack Club Arkham, but thanks to Tommy Monaghan befriending her, Nakota was able to thwart the assault. With her sister and face restored by Victor Von Doom, Nakota believes for the first time that there are things worth saving in the world, and has vowed to keep it from falling deeper into darkness.

Nakota is in charge of the newly formed Ministry of Sorcery, and has a greater network of magic users available to her than anyone ever in history. She believes wholeheartedly in Doom and his vision, and she intends to make magic a benevolent part of people’s lives rather than the mysterious, wicked force it has been in the past.

Nakota Jessup

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