Former Cafeteria Helper (Deceased)


Always hideous, recently Cornelius Stirk is downright repulsive. He appears as a cobbled together mass of dead flesh.

Name: Meatmarket Zombie Flesh
True Name: Cornelius Stirk Bio-Armor
Class: Mystically Bestowed Abilities
Alignment: Diabolic
HP: 100 SDC: 380 AR:17
Experience Level: 4
IQ: 13 Age:16
ME: 12 Sex:Male
MA: 6 Height:5 ft 8 in
PS: 30 Weight: 180 lbs
PP: 13
PE: 15
PB: 5
Spd: 14
PPE: 45
Strike: 2 Parry: 3 Dodge: 3 Damage: 15 Attacks: 5 Initiative:


Cornelius Stirk was one of the helpers in Gotham High’s cafeteria, and a fan of learning biology. He was shot to death by Ringo Chen in Noonan’s bar trying to attack Club Arkham, shortly after having a dog welded to him.


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