Lilith Dracul Tepets

Space Pirate


Name: Lilith Drake
True Name: Lilith Dracul Tepets, Daughter of Vlad Dracul Tepets
Age: 20
Profession: Space Pirate
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 125lb
Height: 5’6"
Alignment: Anarchist
Birthplace: Ardeal (Transylvania)
Archetype: Nightbane Sorcerer
Disposition: Goth
Level: 6
XP: 32801

IQ: 15
ME: 23
MA: 12
PS: 29
PP: 20
PE: 19
PB: 15
SPD: 29

+4 vs Psionics
+8 vs Insanity
+14 Damage
Carry: 290lbs Lift: 580lbs
+3 Parry, Dodge, and Strike
+8% vs Death/Coma
+1 vs Disease
+3 vs HF
+7 vs Magic/Poison
+1 vs Posession
Run: 20mph

HP: 44
SDC: 52

IQ: 15
ME: 23
MA: 12
PS: 51 [Supernatural]
PP: 29
PE: 38 [Supernatural]
PB: 19
SPD: 39

+7 vs Psionics
+8 vs Insanity
+36 Damage [Restrained Punch: 5D6; Full Strength: 2D4x10; Power Punch: 3D6x10 (2 Attacks)]
Carry: 7.65 Tons (15300lbs) Lift: 12.75 Tons (25500lbs)
+9 Parry, Dodge, and Strike
+1 Initiative
+3 Roll with Punch
+27% vs Death/Coma
+3 vs Disease
+5 vs HF
+15 vs Magic/Poison
+1 vs Posession
Run: 27mph

HF: 18
HP: 106
SDC: 483
PPE: 309

Nightbane Powers
-Shadow Shield [20 SDC per 2 PPE (Max 24)] Max 240 SDC
-Shadow Blast [1d4 per PPE (Max 24)] Max 1d4x24
-Share the Flesh [8 PPE]
-Mirror Sight [2 PPE]
-Doorway [2 PPE per Mile; 40 PPE Open Portal]
-Anti-Arcane [20 PPE per Minute]

Morphus Traits
-Four Characteristics
-Biomechanical (Stigmata)
Metal Teeth and Talons [+ 3 HF] (Dripping black ooze)
Metal Endoskeleton [+ 2 PS; + 2 PE; + 70 SDC; + 7 HF] (Silver etched with Arcane patterns)
-Alien Shape
Plasmoid [+ 21 SDC; + 4 HF]
-Unnatural Limbs
Psudopods [3 Limbs; + 1 Attack Per Melee; + 4 HF when Extended]
Unearthly Beauty
-Physical Perfection [+ 4 PB; + 4 PE; + 4 PS; + 14 SDC; HF:6]
-Bloody Ooze [+ 4 HF] (Causes the Plasmoid shape to constantly drip blood, leaving behind drip patterns and bloody cat paw prints)
Animal Form
-Feline, Full [+ 6 PS; + 3 PP; + 3 PE; + 140 SDC; + 1 HF]

Language (Roma [Gypsy]) 98%
Language (English) 90%
Language (Romanian) 90%
Language (Latin) 90%
Language (Ancient Greek) 90%
Math Basic 95%
Computer Operation 75%
Research 95%
Lore: Paganism 70%
Lore: Demons 75%
Lore: Geomancy 65%
Biology 65%
Botany 60%
Holistic Medicine 50%
Athletics (General) [+ 1 Parry and Dodge; + 1 Roll with Punch; + 1 PS; + 6 SPD; + 7 SDC]
Running [+ 1 PE; + 12 SPD; + 3 SDC]
Acrobatics [+ 1 PS; + 1 PP; + 1 PE; + 6 SDC]
Gymnastics [+ 2 Roll with Punch; + 2 PS; + 1 PP; + 2 PE; + 6 SDC]
Cook (Professional) 85%
Understand Magic 95%
Hand to Hand: Expert
WP Bolt Action Rifle

Identify Plants and Herbs 50%
Wilderness Survival 60%
Skin and Prepare Animals 60%

Scholastic @ Level 3
Lore: Nightbane 55%
Lore: Nightlands 50%

Scholastic @ Level 6
Prowl 27%
Hunting [+ 2% Prowl; + 5% Track Animals; + 5% Skin Animals; + 5% Wilderness Survival; + 5% Cook]

1st Level
Cloud of Smoke
Globe of Daylight
See Aura

2nd Level
Detect Concealment
Mystic Alarm
Ritual: Call Creature of Light

3rd Level
Breath without Air
Ritual: Call Nightlands Denizen

4th Level
Astral Projection
Scarlet Pepper
Energy Field
Fire Bolt

5th Level
Ritual: Charm Weapon

Fire Ball
Call Lightning

Invisibility: Superior

Ritual: Nightland Portal
Negation (of Magic)
Ritual: Temporary Enchantment

Strike: + 5 (Critical 18-20)
Parry: + 7
Dodge: + 7
Damage: + 14
Attacks: 5
Initiative: + 2
Roll with Punch: + 5
Pull Punch: + 2

Strike: + 11 Claws [Restrained 8D6+36; Full Strength 2D4x10+3D6+36; Power Attack 3D6x10+3D6+36 (2 Attacks)] (Critical 18-20) + 11 Bite [7D6] (Critical 18-20)
Parry: + 13
Dodge: + 13
Damage: + 36
Attacks: 7
Initiative: + 3
Roll with Punch: + 8
Pull Punch: + 5


Lilith was born in the Ardeal region of Europe, also known as Transylvania, the daughter of a raped gypsy woman, having been raped her mother was marime, unclean and cast out of her family, committing suicide soon after leaving the baby Lilith with her sister, Lilith’s aunt, who fled to England away from something she would never tell Lilith about. Lilith grew up in England, but with a very gypsy education, technology was not really a part of her life, her aunt never trusting it. Her Aunt was very strict but fair, and taught her little niece all the things girls should know, supporting her and her niece on the meager money earned from the old gypsy trades. Right around the beginning of high school was when she met John Constantine and Zatana, she always remembers this as the first time she was really interested in boys and the first time she encountered magick, real magick. Her aunt found out about Lilith’s dabbling and had a full blown freak out, yelling and cursing in Romanian as she dragged Lilith directly to the airport and onto a plane to Gotham city where life just got worse and worse, there being no real place for the arts that Lilith’s aunt knew in a modern city, they ended up in the Gotham slums where Lilith began to retreat from the world in classic teenage fashion escaping into the Gotham Goth crowd into the dark magickal world she felt unmistakeably drawn to. Through her Sophmore and Junior years at Gotham High Lilith has fallen in with the weirder crowd at Gotham, making friends with the likes of fellow exile Victor Von Doom, and the Jessup girl and her friends. When Victor Von Doom disappeared Lilith felt like something was starting but it wasn’t until Dark Day and a fight with her aunt who she would never see again, that everything really started to go to hell, literally. On Dark Day she remembers is her aunt tried to stop her going to school that day, and she said some very nasty things on the line of your not my mom and I’m too old to be ordered around like a child, before she stomped out to school. Her form tore itself apart as the darkness fell and she doesn’t remember much of that night except for scattered memories of fighting alongside her teacher Wesley Dodd in a battle to save the lives of many people, it was almost like a dream, or more like a nightmare and when she awoke to the return of the sun, she wasn’t sure any of it had actually happened, she hasn’t had the guts to ask Dodd if it actually happened the way she remembers it, and when ever she starts to get the courage she also disturbingly remembers her point of view was a foot too low and that makes her stop thinking about it. When she returned home, her aunt was gone, not even a note, but a chill on her spine told her her aunt wasn’t likely alive anywhere. Since that day she’s had the most terrible dreams, escaping to the retaliative safety of Gotham high when ever she can. The darkness deepening in her and taking form in her dreams in a beautiful but scary creature stalking her every thought, a giant panther like animal made out of dripping blood with bones of arcane etched living silver and fangs and claws to match, it knows her and it scares her, waking her from her sleep sweating and wishing she wasn’t so alone. She frequently visits Mr. Dodd these days, especially when school isn’t happening, anything to get away from the loneliness of her empty apartment.

- After Doomsday -
Lilith never really took the spotlight after Doomsday, feeling deep down that what she had helped bring about might not have been the right thing. Yes, Doom’s world was better for most, but not those who she felt the most connected to. There was a meaning in being separate from the humans, none of them really understood who she was deep down inside the ugly creature that only found it’s true acceptance behind the doors of Club Arkham. Humans would have their Renaissance, but the forced integration of Nightbane into a society that they would out live by thousands of years started to haunt Lilith’s dreams, even more than the horrible blood filled nightmares about her newly revealed father. She did her best to temper Zsasz’s zeal in the newly formed Bureau of Human Affairs, doing all she could for those last few Nightbane that didn’t wish to be integrated. The effort she felt was futile though, as she had felt before her transformation, just another Goth girl in a world that didn’t understand how she felt. The technology she had never really enjoyed wasn’t helping, as it seemed to crush her feeling of the natural world, slowly losing the wild that drove her feline spirit to it’s magical heights. Lilith got in touch with John again, expressing her concerns about the fading feeling deep in her heart and the startling revelation of who she actually was, hoping that John could understand what she was going through. She really did care for him, probably, she understood, one of the only humans for whom she ever had. Around this time Lilith retreated further into the remains of Club Freak, and the Underground Railroad, using her connections in the BHA to keep both as free as she could. She became one of those people that she had ridiculed just before Doomsday, those who had told her she was too young to understand that there was always some terrible problem. She began wanting a return to the isolationism of her peoples past, humans didn’t understand. They weren’t free because they could walk in public, they were prisoners in a world that could never understand them, all of humanity were prisoners too, not prisoners of the Nightlords but prisoners to this new Deity, Doom.

Imprisoned in beautiful prisons instead of terrible ones, and she wasn’t sure which was worse, at least the terrible prisons were easy to see.

Most recently there have been sightings of a Blood Cat in the mountains around Ardeal, along side a man in a trenchcoat, great paws padding blood red trails through the hills.

- After First Contact -
While originally hesitant about space travel Lilith has taken to it rather well, mostly because she feels that the world outside earth might understand her better than her own homeplanet. After joining up with Nebula’s crew she has taken the name and title of her father, becoming Princess Lillith Dracul Tepets in name as well as soul, hoping that her father might notice her, and explain to her why she has become what she is. Feeling a strong affinity for the equally evil fathered Nebula.

Lilith Dracul Tepets

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