Lex Luthor

Head of Lexcorp


Lex has created one of the most powerful corporations on Earth, gone face-to-face with beings of godlike power, and has one of the most brilliant minds anywhere. He has recently entered the sphere of politics by creating the Preserver Party “Preserving America for Humanity”. He is rapidly gaining traction in the events following Dark Day.
Early supporters of the Preserver Party include Tony Stark, and Superman the Man of Steel. The public sees this as a powerful endorsement.

Lex was a powerful force for resisting the Nightlords during their takeover of Earth, and as such Doom allowed him to remain in control of his company, despite a new global policy that all businesses be nationalized. The Global Princept sent Lex a “Generous” notice that his new salary would be double that of an ordinary government employee.

Lex Luthor

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