Julio Bain

Drug dealer and traitor (Deceased)


Name: Julio Bain
Class: Chemically altered super soldier
Alignment: Miscreant
HP: 104 SDC: 430
Experience Level: 3
IQ: 20 Age: 16
ME: 24 Sex: Male
MA: 15 Height: 6 ft 5 in (9 feet on Venom)
PS: 60 Weight: 350 lbs/ 600 lbs
PP: 24
PE: 44
PB: 14
Spd: 88


Bain is from a country called Santa Prisca, but was recruited by Alchemax as part of a complex plan the full implications of which may never be known. He made attempts to murder at least five of his classmates before he was himself slain by Victor Fries.

Julio Bain

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