Hope Luthor

Princept Regent



Name: Hope Luthor Talent: Nightbringer
Class: Nightspawn Talent: Sharing the Flesh
Alignment: Anarchist Talent: See Truth
HP: 25/90 SDC:30/650 Talent: Anti-Arcane
Experience Level:5 Talent: Doorway
IQ:19 Age:16
ME:23 Sex:Female
MA:3 Height: 5 ft
PS:6 /51 Weight: 100 lbs
Strike: 10 Parry: 11 Dodge: 11 Damage: 36 Attacks: 6 Initiative:1
Horror Factor:18
Fallen Angel (Flight spd 20)
Feline Centauroid
Hulking Monster
Living Tattoos
Mechanical Pseudopods (5) (2 attacks, 22 SDC each)
Mechanical Sensors (Equivalent to Metal Head
Camera Eyes)
Mechanical Limbs
Metal Statue (Impervious to cold, double damage from fire)
Grafted Weapon: Spear (2D6)


Hope’s mother, Mercy Graves-Luthor, died in childbirth. Her father Lex, one of the wealthiest and most powerful industrialists in the history of the world, has never been able to see Hope as anything but the corrosion of the legacy he’s worked so hard to build. Hope grew up without friends and hated by the only parent she had left. Physically weak and without social skills, “Hopeless” became Hope’s nickname early on, and it stuck.
Recently, a power awakened in Hope. She doesn’t understand it, but knows it is vast… maybe more than even super human creatures in the news like Superman or Thor. If it wasn’t for Tina Stark’s support, it is very likely that Hope would have turned her power against those who tormented her in high school.
Hope was killed in an assassination plot by an Avatar of Moloch, following an attempt by her father to remove her from harm’s way… she died without understanding his reasons. She was restored to life by Victor Von Doom.

Hope is the second highest appointed official in the world, after Victor Von Doom. Her leadership of Nightbane against the Nightlords is well documented and absolutely truthful, and she has every intent of making the new world meet Doom’s vision for it. Maybe, she thinks, one day they’ll even be together as man and wife.

Hope Luthor

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