Helena Bertinelli

Daughter of Mafia Bosses


Name: Helena Rosa Bertinelli Defensive and Fast Combat
Class: Physical training (Speed and Agility) Karate style punch 2D4
Education: Military Specialist (Criminal) Extraordinary PS
Alignment: Aberrant Power Punch
HP: 65 SDC: 142 Power Kick
Experience Level: 6 Force of Will
Experience Points: 31525 Karate Style Kick 2D6
IQ: 15 Age: 16 Automatic Dodge
ME: 17 Sex: Female
MA: 13 Height: 5 ft 7 in
PS: 38 Weight: 130 lbs
PP: 29
PE: 25
PB: 19
Spd: 47
PPE: 23

Strike: 9 Parry: 11 Dodge: 12 Damage: 23 Attacks: 8 Initiative: 4

Skills Secondary Skills
Body Building
Physical Training Package Paramedic 70% +5%/lvl
Acrobatics Italian Language 98%
Gymnastics Land Navigation 60% +4%/lvl
Wrestling Forgery 50% +5%/lvl
Athletics Pilot: Motorcycle 84% +4%/lvl
Prowl 98%
Advanced Swimming 98% Pick 2 Secondary Skills
Tracking 98%/85% +5%/lvl
Detect Concealment 75% +5%/lvl
Escape Artist 80% +5%/lvl
Impersonation 80%/60% +4%/lvl

Basic Military Program
Climb 98%
Military Etiquette 85% +5%/lvl
Radio: Basic 95% +5%/lvl

Espionage Program
Wilderness Survival 80% +5%/lvl
Detect Ambush 80% +5%/lvl
Intelligence 76% +4%/lvl
Interrogation 90% +5%/lvl
Disguise 75% +5%/lvl

Criminal Program
Streetwise 64% +4%/lvl
Pick Locks 85% +5%/lvl
Palming 70% +5%/lvl
Concealment 64% +4%/lvl
Find Contraband and Illegal Weapons 74% +5%/lvl
Safecracking 64% +4%/lvl

Weapon Proficiency Program
W.P. Bolt Action Rifle +7 Aimed Shot
W.P. Archery and Targeting +5 Strike, Rate of Fire: 5
W.P. Targeting +3 Thrown
W.P. Blunt +2 Strike +2 Parry

Weapon Range Ammo Damage
Miniature Crossbow 640 ft 20 bolts 3D6
ASP Batons (2) 2D4
2 Combat Bush Knives 1D6
4 Small Boot Knives 1D4
Throwing Knife 1D6

Savings Throws:
Vs Psionics: +1
Vs Magic: +5
Vs Coma/Death: +30%


Helena would have been dead at eight years old, if only a murderer had understood his instructions.

Born into a mafia family, daughter of a mob boss who was not married to her mother and raised by a hitman, Helena has seen more crime in her short life than most adults. At eight years old, Helena’s entire family was killed in front of her by an enforcer who worked for her biological father. Though Helena herself was meant to be part of that hit, the assassin misunderstood his instructions and let the girl live, instead killing an innocent nun.

The next four years of Helena’s life were spent in Sicily, hiding out with her uncle Lucio and preparing for her return to Gotham. She intended to return to her birth city and take revenge on her family’s slayer, but ended up coming back when he was instead killed by a thug who got away scot-free. Uncle Lucio’s death by a stroke left Helena without allies (though still many enemies) in Sicily.

Since then, Helena has been living with her cousin Temperance in Gotham’s Park Row… nicknamed “Crime Alley”. Helena worked for some time with an elderly doctor named Leslie Thompkins to try and rid Park Row of its bad reputation, until Helena decided Thompkins’ pacifist tactics would never truly work.

Helena looks at society as a whole as corrupt, and thinks the average person has neither the courage nor the desire to understand how bad humanity really can be. She has a very tight, exclusive circle of friends that she believes are trustable: Oliver Queen, Tommy Monaghan, Nat Hattfield, and Lonnie Machin (Known around Gotham High as the “Ne’er Do Wells”). Everybody else is suspect at the very least.

On Dark Day, Helena saw her own reflection emerge from a bathroom mirror in Gotham High and try to strangle her. Helena fought the Doppelganger as she retreated, finding her duplicate supernaturally strong. She managed to meet up with Oliver, who helped hold off Helena’s attacker as they retreated to the school gymnasium.

Before the pair could reach the gym, they found Tommy Monaghan being attacked by an arachnoid creature, appearing to feed on Tommy’s chest as Nat and Lonnie tried to knock it away. Helena and Oliver were faced with the decision of saving themselves or facing almost certain death alongside their friends. They chose loyalty over safety.

Just as Helena’s Doppelganger caught up and the monstrous insect continued to repel the attacks directed against it, a mysterious man in a gas mask and trenchcoat fired from the darkness with a gas weapon. The gas repelled the insect creature, and allowed the Ne’er Do Wells to kill Helena’s evil twin. Together they watched as its body dissolved into black mist.

The Ne’er Do Wells believe that Dark Day was an alien invasion, and that it has continued. Together, they vow to fight the darkness.

Helena Bertinelli

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