Felix Faust

Psychopathic Mage (Deceased)


Name: Felix Faust
Class: Nightbane Sorcerer
Alignment: Diabolic
HP: 35/62 SDC:40/230
Experience Level:5
IQ: 17 Age:18
ME: 15 Sex: Male
MA: 4 Height: 6ft
PS: 18/28 Weight: 200 lbs
PP: 12/18
PE: 11/21
PB: 12/8
Spd: 31/41
PPE: 230

Nondescript, normal looking teenager in human form. In Morphus state, a semi mechanical human wearing leather, with metal bones protruding from his joints, and a flat screen where his head should be.


Felix Faust grew up cutting up cats in his backyard, encouraged by his cult member parents. He managed (He thought) to transform himself into a greater being than human. His sick, sick life ended when he was beaten to death by Iron Girl.

Felix Faust

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