Felicia Hardy

New York Thief, Selina's old Cell-Mate


Name: Felicia Hardy
Class: Secret Operative
Alignment: Unprincipled

Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 140 lbs


Felicia’s father was a jewel thief cat burglar, and Felicia fully intended to carry on the family business until she did a stint in Juvie and then met up With Luke Cage and Daniel Rand in New York. With a fake ID and a lot of talent, Felicia is a junior member of the Heroes for Hire Private Investigation Agency.
She and Selina Kyle alternate between being allies who can steal anything and enemies who constantly accuse each other of trying to steal the other’s style.

Heroes for Hire had a great hand in helping Doomsday succeed, but were unwilling pawns rather than active supporters. Felicia and her partners have all given a great deal of information to Vicki Vale regarding Doom’s underhanded tactics.

Felicia Hardy

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