Club Arkham

The Livewire/Iceberg Lounge


Club Arkham [Secret Club]
Outfits: All types of normal clothing and some standard specialty gear.
Equiptment: Tina and the other super intelligences in the club make just about anything we need for equipment.
Weapons: Provided Non-lethal Ammunition for the Weapons we make in House.
Bionics & Robotics: Outside of the skills of members we don’t have access to robotics or bionics, although Tina is capable of building both in her lab under her house, which is slowly being taken apart and brought to the club basement.
Vehicles: We have 1 or 2 cars available to use as club cars but they are privately owned vehicles (Probably belonging to Tina, Bruce or Hope)
Communication: Backdoor into the JARVIS Satellite System care of Barbara and Tina
Offices, Hideouts, and Distribution: The Club is our only real office, with various personal homes used as safe houses if we should need them (e.g. Tina’s House, the Classrooom)
Millitary Power: We aren’t really into trusting adults these days, the only adults in the place are those we need to keep operations going in the club
Super Powered Operatives: Outside of our actual members we aren’t so keen on the super powered public and wouldn’t likely hire one, although we have gotten into contact with one group.
Sponsorship: We control the club, we make sure our goals are our own and have been working on making rules by council.
Special Budget: Tina and Hope, and to a lesser degree Bruce and Zsasz can muster up some pretty sizable funds if we really needed them for something big
Administrative Control: We have no real backing in the adult world and thus no protection from the law on high but we will protect our own
Internal Security: Only members are allowed into the underground and we are few and know each other, we make sure to screen well before using outsiders for information, this doesn’t mean we don’t already have a mole in the mix, like Bane was, although the group is trying not to think too hard about that
External Infiltration: Limited but active contacts in rival organizations care of Vicky and Livewire
Research and Information Gathering: With the JARVIS mainframe as a hub we control massive data crawlers and probably even have a few botnets under our control which we can use to sift data quickly and efficiently monitoring the news across vast potions of the net, with backdoors into GCPD and federal law enforcement as well as Arkham University and the JARVIS network proper making sure that our investigators are much better informed than even most large organizations.
Agency Credentials: To anyone but our group “Club Arkham” is just a teenage rave club/jazz lounge in downtown Gotham in the old Cobblepot Theater
Agency Salary: Other than the money we make from the Club itself we are basically self funded, although it’s popularity is on the rise and we all take shifts there


Recently renovated with an ‘improved’ foundation, from the old Cobblepot Theater in downtown Gotham, as a trendy combo club/coffeehouse. On one side we have the Livewire, a hopping teen rave club with music by local DJs and outrageous special effects and lighting. On the other side, The Iceberg Lounge, a trendy cafe soundproofed off from the loud Livewire, where students come to study, play board games, attend music and poetry open houses, and to just hang out with friends from school. The upper floors of the Theater are mostly untouched storage, where often time can be found kids doing things they probably shouldn’t be doing, encouraged by the freedom from parental guidance, except for one room which has become the focus of recent activity, and has been restricted in access to ‘Club Members Only’. The lower floors are where the real ‘Club’ is, with a small underground garage with hidden entrance/exit, coded to the JARVIS app, maintenance bay, a medical suite, a research and development suite with most of the gear from Tina’s laboratory, and the central command and control for the JARVIS mainframe uplink frequently monitored by Livewire, Barbara, and Vicky. Lodgings for all of the current members are also found here along with many empty berths for future members. Security is maintained by a self-enclosed JARVIS system, using each members JARVIS handset as a keycode. Command and Control can call alerts to other members

Club Arkham

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