Gotham High

The Inaugural Mission of the Space Marines

Journeys Through Time and Space

The long believed to be dead Ra’s Al-Ghul masterminded a successful assassination of Global Princept Victor Von Doom. In the aftermath of the plot, Tony Stark magnanimously offered to help rebuild the world, gradually tightening his control over the populace by use of his robotic forces, the Iron Legion.

A group of heroes attempted to undo the assassination by braving the Astral Void and traveling back in time. Of the eleven who attempted, only Tommy Monaghan and Bruce Wayne survived the trip, not only capturing Ra’s Al-Ghul but also preventing the Ides of March assassination attempt by the Spook Squad.

Al-Ghul’s plan was timed to prevent the Galactic Travel Platform’s activation at Cape Doom, Florida. With Al-Ghul’s failure, the platform was used to send a group of Space Marines, as well as Lilith Drake, Helena Bertinelli, and Reed Richards, to an Earth-like planet on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Their mission: To establish a research station and secure the obedience of a local sentient populace to maintain it.

On arrival at the Prime Contact Planet, Reed Richards quickly fell behind schedule at establishing the research station, among other things failing to establish communications with Earth. The new planet was fascinating, and the local populace was human-like, with a level of technology roughly equal to Earth at a few hundred years BC.

As the Marines learned more about the local populace, they discovered the natives worshipped an exact copy of the pantheon of Grecco-Roman gods from Earth’s history. After murdering a priestess, the Terrans were struck by a supernatural storm as well as a visit from the Greek God Hermes. The divine being was only persuaded to forgive the humans when they accepted him as their patron.

Tommy screamed at and physically threatened Reed Richards, blaming him for the Terrans predicament and shifting focus from communications to the force field generator. Equipment setup was now more than a day behind schedule.

A group of intergalactic freebooters arrived, investigating anomalous energy readings from the supposedly tech-free planet. The pirate captain, a Teufelian named Ashtarte, planned to capture all equipment, plus Reed Richards before leaving the Terrans to fend for themselves. She grew overambitious, however, and planned to also lure in and capture Victor Von Doom.

Von Doom secured the abject surrender of the Teufelians shortly after his arrival, expressing his disappointment in Commandant Monaghan’s performance thus far.

With the newfound assistance of the Teufelians, the Marines took control of the Great Republic, the closest society on the Prime Contact Planet. They then gathered scattered tribes to the north and converted them to the worship of Hermes.

Tommy Monaghan, after a visit to Minister of Education Nakota Jessup, began educating the populace of the Prime Contact Planet. He also initiated the construction of a manufacturing plant to produce star fighters.

The Prime Contact Planet is changing rapidly.


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