Gotham High

Praise From Caesar

The final triumph of Victor Von Doom

Following the disastrous battle with Tony Stark’s Doppelganger, Vic Zsasz went to seek assistance from Lilith in following the monster back to his lair, while Tommy and Helena sought out the aid of Morgan L’Fay in resurrecting their slain friends Ollie and Natt.

Though L’Fay possessed the ability to heal the dead teens, the price she demanded was too high for the Ne’er do wells to pay. After failing to contact Hope by phone, the pair managed to contact Nakota and asked her to get them transport to the headquarters of Victor Von Doom.

In a rush, Lilith Drake rushed in and flung enchanted weapons at Tommy and Helena, promptly fleeing without explanation in her car. Tommy and Helena, trying to lend assistance to their friend’s mysterious plight, pursued in their own vehicle. At that point, Nakota opened a portal to transport her friends to the Fortress of Solitude.

Lilith slammed on the brakes of her car, only to have its front end smashed by Hope Luthor’s powerful Morphus shape. Then the already smashed car was rear ended by the one being driven by Tommy and Helena, launching the still-present cadavers of Ollie and Natt through the air and into the hands of Victor Von Doom, in a crescendo of screams provided by Nakota and her sister. Lilith transformed into her Morphus state, blasting pieces of her wrecked car in all directions.

In the ensuing chaos, a brief explanation emerged about Zsasz being alone in the Nightlands. Lilith led Hope, Tommy, and Helena to Club Freak, where the humans managed to “Trojan Horse” their way inside under Hope’s massive Morphus. Transporting to the safest place in Arkham (Gotham’s Nightlands counterpart), the quartet made their way to rescue Vic, now less one arm and working to rescue humans who had been experimented on by Nightland forces.

Managing to withdraw to the Fortress of Solitude, Zsasz had his arm restored by Doom. Morgan L’Fay was in the Fortress as well, imprisoned. The teens tried to make sense of what was going on, learning of the inhuman rate of progress Doom was projecting in his plans.

Gotham High was officially purchased by Lex Luthor, to be transformed into a Hope Center for Metahuman Development. In shock, Tommy notified Hope.

Hope, nearly bursting with glee, described Doom calling her father while wearing Superman’s face. “He called him a ‘second-rate intellect’ and told him to get on board or else!” Hope giggled. “While looking like THAT! Can you believe it? Dad had no IDEA what to say back!”

The students saw the changes to Gotham High. All the existing faculty, excepting Hugo Strange and Talia al Ghul, were given generous retirements and replaced by an entirely new set of teachers. Students were emphatically “encouraged” to begin boarding at the school. The students who had abandoned Club Arkham had returned to school, some looking very different. Selina Kyle said that Doom had resorted to threats when he’d been unable to bribe her to return. Waylon Jones “The Killer Croc” had been transformed into his human state, a handsome black man. Jones himself was as unaware of his racial heritage as anyone else.

Toward the end of the new Gotham High’s first day, a robot resembling Victor Von Doom as a teenager briefed the assembled student body. Though forceful and convincing, Doom was caught off guard by Selina Kyle’s pointed questions and Tommy Monaghan started a riot which badly injured several students.

Clones of Natt the Hat and Oliver Queen were completed and enrolled in the Hope Center for Metahuman Development. An intense training regimen began for all students, and the Ne’er Do Wells worked closely with Leslie Willis and other students to once and for all free Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters from the hands of the Nightlords. Joined in their plans were a couple of First Person Shooter gamers called Floyd Lawton and Joe Chill.

Helena recognized Chill as having “family” connections. She researched his father, Joe Senior, and managed to find that he had been strongly inplicated as working for a mobster named Lew Moxon. Chill had been strongly implicated in a number of hits, including that of Helena’s biological father and the long ago murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Joe Senior had been running a trucking business for a while now.

Helena put the information aside, believing it to be secondary to the mission at hand.

Between Tommy and Oliver, a well planned attack on Charles Xavier came together. A former associate of the school named Logan arrived to assist, and in fact probably had the most to do with preventing an all-out war between humans and mutants erupting right on school grounds.

The students themselves, once past the initial shock of facing one another, rapidly became allies. Lilith Drake healed the badly injured “Black Tom” Cassidy in front of the entire assembled school. Logan spoke to the school’s current head, Ororo Munro, and convinced her to alter the school from being a purely mutant facility to being an integrated metahuman training center. Helena and Tommy took up training sessions on the weekends with some of their new mutant friends. Lilith became friendly with a young woman named Wanda and even did a few Danger Room sessions with her.

Intensive training continued. Lois Lane and Condename:Unknown Soldier each contacted Tommy. Helena was placed in charge of getting Hope to a better physical condition, and saw how frustrating such a task could be. Doom forcefully requested Lilith to blackmail the Nightbane Underground Railroad. Lilith refused, but did take Doom’s case to the more receptive members of the Railroad.

In a sudden and unexpected alert, all members of Gotham High were activated. A strike force led by Gotham High’s robot Doom landed in the fortress of Lord Moloch himself, finding the Nightlord dead and his forces in disarray. The well trained metahumans acquitted themselves in beyond superb fashion, laying waste to Nightlands minions even on the arrival of Lady Lilith and her elite guard.

Though the students fought well, they were nonetheless outnumbered more than a thousand to one by supernatural forces under the command of an able general, and death was inevitable.

All at once, Lady Lilith shrieked commands to her troops to not harm any of the students, to allow them to escape. And so they did, through spells cast by Lilith Drake.

The world seemed to be exploding around the students. Attacks had been coordinated all over the world, literally hundreds of thousands of people engaged in battles against the Nightlords, all working toward one goal without realizing they were all working together under the same commander. The American Defense Agency (The Spook Squad), however, had been intentionally directed into the worst of the fighting. These espionage specialists and believers in American government were seen as being too dangerous to keep in the world to come, and so they were seen to die as heroes rather than being covertly murdered.

The heroes of Gotham High fought hard against their enemies and for their friends on what would come to be known as Doomsday. Their victory came at a cost, but many of them believed that the gain was greater than the loss.

On the West Coast, Tina Stark managed to rescue her parents from the mystical prison they had been trapped in since Dark Day. Her Iron Girl suit ceased to have the magical protection Doom ad imbued it with, but she no longer needed it.

In the following months, all former national governments were declared null and void by the New United Nations and its leader, Princept Victor Von Doom. The old governments had failed, and were both corrupted by the Nightlords and decimated on Doomsday. In the place of old government, all nations were appointed an Emissary General to the New United Nations and given representation in a Global Parliament.

All the students of Gotham High were granted government pensions for the rest of their lives, and many of them were offered positions of power in the New United Nations. Medical science across the world boomed as Globalized Medicine was implemented. Education swelled. Lands which had never been able to grow crops were suddenly and bountifully fertile. All national armies were declared part of the Global Peacekeeping Force. Some parts of these militaries resisted, and some still resist.

The Global Ministry of Sorcery has begun official, globalized training in magic. No longer “arcane secrets”, Princept Doom has declared that mystic ignorance was largely to blame for the Nightlords ease in taking over Earth’s leadership. Far less developed in its purpose is the Ministry for Psychic Affairs.

Finally, there is the Ministry of Humanity. Princept Doom has declared that hatred and fear of mutants and Nightbane has been because they hide. Because they are not understood by the world at large. Because mankind has been, in the old world, petty, cruel, and weak. In this new world, there will be no hiding. There will be no fear. There will be no weakness. And the Ministry of Humanity under Victor Zsasz is at the forefront of remaking humanity in this new world.


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