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Miracles and damnation

Police Lieutenant Gordon had been questioning all members of the Alternate Curriculum Class about Tina’s whereabouts. Following Pepper Potts taking control of Stark Industries, Tina left somewhat abruptly for California and didn’t leave any contact information. Vic has been morose since she left, and started intensively training with Bruce. The two spent so much time together that Jay started putting together Photoshopped pictures of them with background music “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie. He applied it to Gotham High’s computers as a screen saver.

Tommy and Helena sought out Lieutenant Gordon and told him what they know about the Nightlands invasion. Although Gordon was skeptical, he believed the teens’ sincerity and his suspicions have deepened that there may be no one in the GCPD who can be trusted.

Morgan L’Fay deposited Superman’s living body at Wayne Manor. It was reconstituted but with no soul. L’Fay intended to return the Kryptonian’s life completely after Tommy completed his promised service to her.

All of Club Arkham’s members, the Ne’er Do Wells, and Lilith Drake and Nakota Jessup meet in Wayne Manor. Eddie Nigma told Tommy about a girl he just got a date with; Destiny Dubbelz. Eddie asked Tommy if he’d come along to give him an “inside track” on how much she liked him.

Bruce and Barbara stood up and gave a status report. They played Leslie’s video of the death of Slade Wilson at the hands of Professor X, gave Basil’s reports of Anthony Herod’s presence in Chicago, and Vicki and Eddie gave a list of suspected or confirmed duplicates in Gotham City… none of whom are in Gotham High. Perhaps the only place in the country completely free of Nightland presence. Bruce started talking about possible reactions, when Selina stopped him and made a speech.

“Hey Bruce! Hope is DEAD, Tina is Gone! As far as I’m concerned, there IS no Club Arkham anymore! What you’re talking about here, this is nuts! It’s basically a death sentence, and there won’t be any happy ending for us! I’m not going along with this, and none of you should either!”

Selina is out, and going with her were Victor Fries, Temple Fugit, Oswald Cobblepot, Harvey Dent, Waylon Jones, and Derek Powers.

Remaining are: The Ne’er Do Wells, Nakota, Lilith, Bruce, Vic, Eddie, Barbara, Leslie, Jonathan Crane, Basil, Zatanna, Vicki, Pamela, Bruce, Jay, and Harley.

Bruce sighed and brought up the potential for recruiting other members. He said he’s been considering Vic Stone and John Henry Irons, and is on the fence about Floyd Lawton. He asked for other recommendations, and said they need to be vetted in some way.

Verified duplicates:
Professor X
Emma Frost
8 congressmen
Senator Robert Kelley
Mayor Hill
Commissioner Loeb
No one in Gotham High

Suspected duplicates:
45% of the House of Representatives
70% of the Senate
65% of the GCPD
30% of upper class business owners in Gotham
Lucius Fox
No one in Gotham High

Still overwhelmed by the sheer amount of developments facing them, Tommy and Helena decided to spend the evening with Eddie and his date. Helena identified Destiny as the sister of Moe and Joe Dubbelz, notorious Mafia enforcers, and daughter of Robert Dubbelz, a mob boss. For half the meal, Eddie remained blissfully unaware of these facts.

Eddie reacted less than heroically when Tommy told him about Destiny’s family, but Tommy managed to calm him down and convince him that Destiny might be worth the inherent dangers involved. On returning to the table, Eddie spotted Vic Zsasz coming in to the restaurant with an unfamiliar girl.


Tommy recognized the girl’s thoughts as being an entity he’d seen before in the Nightlands, and presumed this was a plot to spy on Club Arkham.

After dinner, Tommy and Helena returned to Wayne Manor, to discover the formerly inert body of Superman was standing, talking, and then flying up, up, and away. Tommy immediately recognized that this was NOT his childhood hero, and contacted Morgan L’fay to yell at her for her failure.

L’Fay appeared at Wayne Manor in her nightclothes, filled with outrage as she determined that the disembodied gypsy Victor Von Doom had just stolen the body she’d worked so hard to rebuild. In a rage, she laid enchantments on Tommy and Helena’s weapons and demanded they slay Doom, promising them Kryptonite and further weapon enchantments.

Calling on Leslie Willis for assistance, the Ne’er Do Wells traveled to Malibu and were given a block of Kryptonite by Pepper Potts. After making contact with Lois Lane in Metropolis, Tommy was able to read her mind for the location of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Using Leslie’s teleportation in conjunction with Barbara’s satellite imagery expertise, the Ne’er Do Wells led an attack on Doom before he could become familiar with his new body’s powers.

Not expecting so sudden an ambush, the Ne’er Do Wells severely injured Doom and nearly killed him, only letting up when Doom had destroyed their kryptonite and declared his intention not to harm them. The courage and power of the Ne’er Do Wells seemed to have won Doom’s grudging respect, and he assisted them in healing Nakota Jessup, Salie Jessup, and Hope Luthor. Doom told the teens about what he had learned about the Nightlords and their plans during his time in the Astral Plane.


Unsure of their “victory”, the teens returned to Gotham and managed to sleep for an hour before being awoken by Eddie, asking if they knew where Zsasz was. Tommy and Helena realized what his situation must have been, and with Hope, they ventured into the Nightlands and Arkham Academy.

Vic was being made to fight in a makeshift arena, against starved and abused people. Vic was making every effort to spare their lives, in the process being unnecessarily wounded himself. The trio of heroes approached the arena, trying to scout their location out before taking action, though Hope could barely restrain herself.

“Do you think he should fight another round?” the massive bat-like demon called Dark King asked a Night Gnome with two heads.

“I don’t know,” the gnome answered. “Heads or tails!” and with that, he flung a baby end over end into the pit. Helena dove for the infant, but too late. Vic, however, caught the child safely before it could hit the ground.

Tommy shot the night gnome in its faces before leaping into the arena with Hope. A new combatant, a large man with a bandaged face and a Vietnam era M-16 with grenade launcher nearly shot at Hope, but Vic stood in front of the weapon and the man refused to fire. Hope used her Doorway Talent to escape Arkham, and following a battle with Hunters, the now six mortals returned to Earth, draining much of Hope’s energy and scaring the hell out of a warehouse full of workers.

Hope and Vic left to seek medical attention and a safe place for the baby. Helena and Tommy followed the mysterious bandaged man, repeatedly refusing his gruff orders to leave well enough alone. Finally the man identified himself as Codename: Unknown Soldier, and told the teens about the American Defense Agency, a group of warriors who were trying to free the United States from the Nightlands invaders. Tommy gave him contact information.


The Ne’er Do Wells took time to sleep and recover, planning a raid on Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, working with Leslie to expose the Avatar posing as Charles Xavier. In the middle of their reconnaissance, Eddie detected an attack on Victor Zsasz’s home. Leslie teleported the crew to Vic’s, to find it under a raid by eight heavily armed and armored men. Tommy was the only person able to see in the pitch darkness of the unilluminated street, and a heated, bloody battle followed. The Doppelganger of Tony Stark tried to bargain for Vic, but the Ne’er Do Wells fought to the death, losing Natt and Ollie to bullet wounds and magic.

In the darkness, Tommy resolved to recover his friends and take revenge on Tony Stark.


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