Gotham High

November 10th, 1775

The Marine Corps Birthday

Months have passed since the defeat of the Nightlords and the creation of the Global Government. Rebels throughout the globe still resist Doom’s rule, but are being solidly and progressively either forced to surrender or destroyed. Nearly all major diseases have been eradicated worldwide. Mages and religious groups are the most directly opposed to the new government, one because their cherished secrets have become essentially forced to become public education, and the other because the tenets of witchcraft are not only being held by the new Princeps, but are being forced on innocents across the globe.

Tina Stark, as head of the Ministry of Science, has been at the forefront of changing the world. Doom has tasked her with bringing forth an unprecedented development in global accomplishment, and she’s been trying hard to put all the nationalized assets at her disposal to bear. Her father Tony has been at best unsupportive and at worst completely obstructionist.

On one of Princeps Victor Von Doom’s visits to see his Minister for Science, Tommy Monaghan crashed in to one of the Ministry’s labs with his usual subtlety.

“I want in!” He said, slamming his fist down on a desk.

Noting the blank stares which greeted him, Tommy quickly amended “to the space program, man! Princeps, I mean! Like, if you’re going to start a galactic empire, I want in!”

“Oh yes,” Doom replied, in a tone which was so heavy with sarcasm it threatened to ooze out of his voice completely and take on a life of its own, “There couldn’t be a space program without you, Monaghan. I’m leaving a directive with my Ministry to begin a training program for the first Space Marines, and you’ll be one of the first admitted to this position of prestige.”

With that, Doom pointedly took Tina to a private office. Behind them, they left the perpetually smiling face of one of Tina’s most capable assistants, Jay Napier.

Jay had the Space Marine program up and running in a few weeks, training in the use of energy weapons, space vehicle combat, zero gravity movement, and an emblem of an eagle, globe, and anchor flanked by a latin phrase meaning “This started as a joke”.

When Tina discovered Jay’s elaborate prank, she sighed and told Jay he could continue with the program if he managed to get Tommy to get a tattoo of the Space Marine emblem, complete with Latin motto.

All he had to do was ask. Tommy agreed, and Waylon “Killer Croc” Jones and Natt the Hat promptly got the exact same tattoo.


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