Gotham High

New Points of Light

New allies and deadly enemies

Suspicious of Club Arkham’s motives, Oliver Queen led a break-in of the old Cobblepot Theater. Tommy Monaghan managed to find the hidden entryways to the Club’s innermost sanctum, and Helena Bertinelli managed a subtle infiltration. The Ne’er Do Wells spied on the Club members present for some time before being discovered by Selina Kyle.

Both sides reacted with tense hostility at first, but eventually began sharing intelligence with each other. Tommy became friends with a number of Club members, including Eddie Nigma (Whom Tommy began calling “Riddle” after Eddie continually irritated Tommy with cryptic clues) and Jay Napier. Oliver Queen became an admirer of Barbara Gordon’s, and Natt the Hat with Waylon Jones (Whom Nat called “Killer”).

Static Annie Wagner was able to discern the function of alien devices Oliver stole from Lexcorp. One of them was a database of every student in Gotham High.

The Club came to a consensus decision to count the Ne’er Do Wells as “Allies”, but not Club members. They also began pursuing routes of investigation into the Preserver Party and Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Tommy and Helena joined Tina, Vic and Bruce in investigating the presence of the Lilin students who attacked Vic.

After days of tedious investigating, Tommy and Helena located Lazlo Valentin “Doc” lying comatose in Gotham General. Seeing a badly wounded Nakota Jessup arrive, Tommy captured Nakota while Helena made sure the kidnapping was not witnessed. Tommy’s telepathy gave him a deeper insight into Nakota’s mind, and he seemed to decide she was not evil.

Nakota was permanently deformed from her last encounter with Tina, and was clearly traumatized by the mere thought of her. In spite of that, Tina began to plan out reconstructive surgery for the Lilin girl.

Vic Zsasz questioned the location of Nakota’s little sister Elsie, and Helena worked with Bruce to research her whereabouts. They managed to track Elsie to a sex trafficking ring, and saw some of the darkest elements of humanity. Vic and Bruce took the trafficked girls to safety, while Helena and Tommy exacted punishment on the traffickers themselves.

On Sunday, the day before Gotham High was set to reopen, Basil discovered Preserver Party information that Lex Luthor planned a trip to Gotham on Monday. Nakota revealed to Tommy her visions of possible attackers at Gotham Airport, and also told him she believed the other Lilin were going to attack Club Arkham, using her as the “anchor” point for Anton Pilgrim’s teleportation ability.

Tommy relocated Nakota to Noonan’s Bar, and asked Pamela Isley to look after the injured girl.

On Monday morning, the Ne’er Do Wells collectively skipped school and went to Gotham International Airport. They saw Lex Luthor’s private jet arrive, and Tommy’s X-Ray vision revealed Steve Rogers and an internationally wanted assassin called the Ghost inside it.

Luthor went to Gotham High and officially disenrolled his daughter Hope. He offered Tina the opportunity to ride with Hope and himself on the way to the airport, but Tina instead took Hope and escaped by use of a talisman from Morgan L’Fay.

The Ne’er Do Wells saw alien creatures masquerading as humans arrive, seeming to set up an ambush for Lex Luthor’s limousine. They destroyed the alien creatures, but news coverage reported the incident as a “Metahuman Terror Attack Thwarted By Captain America”.

As Lex Luthor passed by Tommy Monaghan, telepathy revealed his thoughts to be “You idiots have killed Hope. And you don’t even know it.”

Tommy relayed the information to Tina, but was distracted by a phone call from Hacken, saying that an attack had just taken place on Noonan’s Bar. Tina responded in her Iron Girl armor, only to find that the Lilin were totally overmatched by the ready and alert patrons of Noonan’s.
Tina’s armor came under some kind of supernatural influence and began moving on its own toward Washington, DC. Hope was able to capture it and return it to Tina.

When Tina returned to Club Arkham, Static Annie Wagner seemed horrified that Tina had brought her armor back. Static was more or less unable to explain why it was disturbing to her, but she insisted on Hope and Tina leaving. They refused.

Tony Stark arrived at Club Arkham, and Static made one last attempt to get Hope and Tina to leave. Again, they refused.

Hope immediately transformed on seeing Tony Stark. Her supernatural senses revealed his true nature, and Hope forced Tina through a mystic Doorway.

Club Arkham exploded. Hope was badly hurt, but survived.
Tina returned and began fighting with the thing calling itself Tony Stark. Her Iron Girl armor proved not only impervious to the creature’s power, but also drained energy from it. The supremely confident creature seemed to believe Tina still posed no threat, and taunted her even as she inflicted massive damage to it with her fists.

Oliver Queen, Tommy Monaghan, and Helena Bertinelli joined the battle, arriving from Noonan’s. Oliver fired an explosive arrow directly into Tony’s eye, severely injuring him. Tommy fired all rounds from his pistols into the thing’s legs, and Helena engaged the thing hand to hand. Helena managed to destroy the thing, but not before it had drawn her with it and the Iron Girl suit through a portal.

Tina and Tommy leapt blindly into the portal, joined only by Hope.


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