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Lex Luthor’s Press Conference
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Good afternoon to the American people, and to those parents all over the world who know the heartbreak of having lost a child. It is by now no secret that my daughter Hope was taken prisoner by one of her friends, and that this misguided girl killed her own father and my beloved Hope. She did this in the name of heroism.

I was the parent of a metahuman, and I know that many of you watching me now know how horrific that experience can be. Many of these metahumans believe themselves to be saviors, or protectors of the world they live in because of the abnormal abilities that come with their condition. It is this belief, and these tendencies, that have killed not only my daughter but countless others, and will continue to do so for as long as this behavior is allowed to continue.

Tina Stark, the girl whose delusions of super-humanity led her to kill her own father as he tried to negotiate my daughter’s release, had caused the deaths of many others before. It has long been a habit of law enforcement to ignore what might be considered collateral damage by metahuman heroes… if it had not been, it is very likely Tina would have already had her robotic suit, itself equivalent in power to a fighter jet, removed when she caused the death of her classmate Terry McGinnis. Or Julio Bain. Or even before deaths had occurred, and only property damage was at issue. My colleague and former opponent Superman acknowledges his part in the many casualties which occurred during his career as a costumed adventurer, and has been among the first since Dark Day to retire in an effort to avoid further tragedy.

Virginia Stark, Tony’s widow, and I have vowed to end this horror, and help metahumans and their families, so that no parents will need to suffer as Virginia and I now do. Together, we begin the Metahuman Hope Foundation. We are building centers across the country to help both young and old metahumans understand their abilities, and their place in this world. We will educate families, and ease the pain of knowing their children are different as best we can. It is my ardent desire that the death of my Hope may mean the birth of hope for so many who need it.

Thank you. There will be no questions at this time.


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