Gotham High

Ides of March

Final death of the Spook Squad


March 15th, two years after Doomsday.

Televised live after a Global United Nations meeting, Princept Von Doom, en route to his limousine, was ambushed by an extremely well organized and well armed team of assassins. The entire world saw Doom’s bodyguards slain in the first seconds of gunfire, explosions rocking the streets as vehicles and projectiles detonated.

It would later be revealed, after a thorough investigation, that these assassins had arranged for Princept Regent Faith Luthor and Minister for Justice Bruce Wayne to be attacked at simultaneous locations. The primary attack, however, was entirely focused on the Global Princept.

The personal force field generator developed by Victor Von Doom enabled him to survive the assault. His personal sidearm and energy weapons enabled him to fight back with deadly effectiveness. Concentration of fire forced Doom to seek additional cover, and the firefight continued unabated for almost a full minute.

Finally, as the world watched live, the Princept fought hand to hand against a man with a bandaged face and trenchcoat. All the other would be assassins were already dead or had turned tail and run, but the man the press would later dub “the Unknown Soldier” fought to his last breath.

Final seconds of the broadcast before the Princept ordered it shut down were of Von Doom beating the bloody corpse of the Unknown Soldier into the pavement, shouting “You DINOSAUR! You RELIC of a bygone age! Your world is gone, and mine has only begun!”

Minister of Information Barbara Gordon has been attempting to run damage control ever since.


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