Gotham High

Guardians (?) of the Galaxy

The Galaxy is safe?

An emergency meeting with Minister of Information Barbara Gordon revealed an upcoming book about the more underhanded tactics utilized by Victor Von Doom on Doomsday. Tommy Monaghan and Helena Bertinelli were able to convince the author, Vicki Vale, to delay publication in exchange for official government publication.

Minister of Justice Bruce Wayne suggested the possibility of putting the Global Princept on trial in the Hague. The possibility was tabled for the moment.

A select group of Space Marines as well as Helena Bertinelli and Lilith Drake were taken by Captain Ashtarte to an independent space station with the intent of choosing a target for space piracy. The station, nicknamed “Free For All Station” was owned by a race of power-negating insectoid aliens who allowed all activities short of damaging station equipment by visiting creatures.

While Lilith made contact with some space faring dwarven wizards, the Marines (Killer Croc, Deadshot, Full Bird, Olliver Queen, and Nat the Hat) and their Commandant proceeded to get drunk and start a bar brawl in an establishment owned by Nebula, formerly one of the most wanted pirates in the galaxy. After an intervention by Nebula herself, the Marines lost most of their equipment and were nearly sold into slavery before being rescued by Captain Ashtarte.

As the Commandant was plotting revenge on Nebula, the station went on full alert. Two warships of the Kree Empire demanded the immediate delivery of a Shi’ Ar scientist, or they promised to open fire on the facility.

In an attempt to steal back the Space Marine equipment from Nebula, three Marines were killed in a fight with Nebula’s alien minions, while Nebula herself escaped with the Shi’ Ar scientist. Nebula’s bar was completely destroyed in a combination of gunfire and a suicide attack by members of a cult called the Universal Church of Truth.

Panic swept through the station as assorted ships tried to decide whether to fight, flee, or hunt down the Kree’s intended target.

By use of Lilith’s Nightbane abilities and the advice of a sentient patch of haze, the heroes were able to determine that Nebula and the Shi’ Ar were attempting to stow away aboard a Kree cargo vessel. Commandant Monaghan beat the captain of the ship to death with his rifle before opening fire on the docked ship.

The station’s security personnel took notice and captured Nebula and the Kree’s intended target, signalling the warships that they would turn him over to their custody.

On arrival of the Accuser Janus, the heroes attacked and killed the Kree law enforcement officer, prompting a violent reaction from the Kree warships. Because of the suddenness of the attack, no docked ships were able to exit the station. The heroes desperately activated a Rift Generator, making their escape to a barely hospitable planet with a toxic atmosphere and severe electromagnetic interference.

Nearly dying of thirst on the hostile planet, the heroes were discovered by Nebula and her crew after a few days. Her ship, the Mostly Void, had somehow avoided destruction. Nebula seemed angry to have lost the valuable Shi’ Ar researcher, but apparently felt the heroes had suffered enough. She offered them positions in her crew, or the potential to pay for safe transport. Lilith accepted a position as a pirate, Tommy and Helena agreed to pay for transport.

The official state wedding of Minister of Science Tina Stark and Minister of Humanity Victor Zsasz was a beautiful affair, attended by super beings, dignitaries, and at least one ancient god.

In a diplomatic visit to Mount Olympus, Victor Von Doom sealed off the home of the gods from the rest of the Megaverse, and awaits negotiations for removal of the barrier.


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