Gotham High

Contact with the Kree

Doctor Pain and the Supreme Intelligence

The gods of Olympus issued an ultimatum to Doom: Remove the dimensional barrier he had placed around Olympus, or watch as the ministers of his government were dragged screaming to Tartarus.

Doom’s ministers proved more than up to the tasks presented them, and they not only evaded capture by the deity, but forced him into retreat. The humbled Hermes pleaded with Helena Bertinelli to sway Doom’s hand in favor of Olympus.

Minister of Justice Bruce Wayne asked Tina Stark to be ready to assume position of Global Princept, shortly before he convinced Victor Von Doom to voluntarily step down and face trial for the deaths of the tens of thousands he sacrificed on Doomsday.

Tina Stark had barely enough time to assimilate her new responsibilities when an alert came in from Prime Contact regarding Kree vessels engaging in a firefight nearby. Tommy, Oliver, and Helena returned to Prime Contact in time to trace the crash landing of a Kree vessel on the surface of Prime Contact.

The heroes transported in to find Kree militia and medical officers trying to contain the power core of their damaged craft. As the heroes assisted, a monstrous alien viciously attacked from the apparently uninhabited ship, killing several Marines outright before being blinded by Oliver Queen. The creature appeared impervious to all forms of attack and could fly at faster-than-light speeds.

An SOS was sent to Earth, requesting the assistance of Superman. The Man of Steel clashed with the monstrous alien, taking the fight away from Prime Contact.

A new Kree vessel, helmed by Ronan the Accuser, arrived to collect the injured Kree. The monstrous alien called Doctor Pain returned, slaying Ronan the Accuser and dozens more Kree before being forced into retreat by Hope Luthor and Tina Stark. Ronan’s vessel took off in pursuit of the creature.

The immediate threat gone, the humans found themselves being declared subjects of the Kree Empire, ordered to submit or die. Global Princept Tina Stark requested time to foster a decision, and was granted forty eight hours by the Supreme Intelligence, the Kree Supreme Leader.

Rushed preparations were made on Earth to negotiate or fight the Kree. The fledgling galactic power sent Tommy Monaghan as a diplomat to the Shi’Ar Empire, and prepared a device to begin the process of evolution in the Kree race as a bargaining chip.

When the deadline passed, the massive Kree Supreme Intelligence appeared over Earth and demanded its surrender. Tina Stark offered their solution to the Kree evolutionary stagnation, finding it only angering the Supreme Intelligence. The Kree declared its intention to destroy the Earth, only to find itself balked by the captain of the medical ship which the heroes rescued on Prime Contact, Captain Mar-Vell.

Mar-Vell, granted his request to spare the Earth, was also banished from Homeworld forever. He takes his place as one of Humankind’s protectors, with a touch of melancholy. The Shi’Ar, arriving soon after, began diplomatic relations with Earth.


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